Legal Action



As a Victim of the Activities of one of the many MacAnthony Realty International (MRI) Companies or the Victim of Legal Independence or Martinez-Echevarria you will be pleased to know that the MRISG (Misled Realty Investors Support Group) have engaged two Spanish Lawyers to bring legal action in Spain against these people.

To join in the action read the FAQs and join the Private Members Only Forum to get updates and share your experiences with over 1,000 others who have suffered the same fate.

The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for the pending Legal Action in Spain can be found at:-

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  1. As most of us will have bought through MRI in or around 2004-2006 I would be interested to talk to anyone who bought in PIRIN SUITES Razlog near Bansko, to compare notes.