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Since the publication of the MRI Staff List 2007 there have been several attempts to hack the MRISG servers.  These have been serious attempts to overcome server security.

There have also been some attempts to hack the administrator login accounts.

Please be aware that none of these attempts have been successful and Dream Host have been informed and are activley investigating the origin and identity of the attacks.  If these hackers are identified Dream Host will refer the matter to the FBI because they clearly breach Federal Law.

HackingIt is also worthy of note that the number of attempts to post spam on the blog has significantly risen.  503 spam messages have been deleted today and 387 users registred on the site who either use know spammer e-mail addresses or come from IP addresses know to be used by spammers.  This increase does not affect the operation of the blog as automated protection is in place to prevent such abuse.

MRISG Members can rest assured that both server security and personal security is taken very seriously.  As a team of highly qualified IT experts maintain this website and forum for you no successful incidents of brute force, SQL Injection, cross site scripting, back door injection, automated injection, remote injection etc… have occurred although it is know that many attempts have been made in the past 3 years.

It does make the MRISG Administrators wonder why the sudden increase of attacks on or around the 3rd year anniversary of this website going live.

I leave that to members to comment.

Angry customers call for charges against holiday home tycoon

Full Report

By Fergal MacErlean

Thursday January 26 2012

Darragh MacAnthony

Darragh MacAnthony

A SPANISH judge will decide whether football club boss Darragh MacAnthony will face charges after a raft of complaints from disgruntled customers who claim furniture ordered from his firm never arrived.

MacAnthony Realty International (MRI) developed resorts in several countries from its Marbella headquarters and sold furniture packs to clients.

Hugely popular on the holiday market, MRI had hundreds of Irish customers and boasted an annual turnover greater than €100m before the credit crunch.

It made the 35-year-old Dubliner, who now owns Peterborough Football Club, a multi-millionaire.

However, a group of 51 Irish and British buyers claim that €492,000 worth of furniture, ordered more than five years ago for apartments in Morocco, Bulgaria and Cape Verde, was never delivered.

Antonio Flores, the Spanish lawyer acting for the group, claims “many other” MRI customers are affected. He alleges that missing furniture is just one of the irregularities linked to MRI, or related companies.

Read the full Report at

MRISG Forum Secutiry

Open Personal Message sent to all MRISG Members.



MRISG Forum Members,
The MRISG Members Only Forum has recently been upgraded and had a firewall added. The new look is cosmetic and all messages and previous functionality remains.
However, members trying to connect to the forum through a Proxy will encounter difficulties.  This has been necessary because you will be aware there have been many attempts to hack the forum by person/s unnamed, so in an attempt to capture the true IP address of those using the Members Only Forum Admin have installed this extra level of security. Most genuine members will not notice any change but those using Proxy Servers will notice a slowing down of use or for serious breaches of protocol a 403 Error will be displayed informing them they have no permission on the forum. Since installing there have been 4 users identified as using Proxy IP addresses and their true IP is logged with the Admin. Those users have been added to a Suspect List and their activity closely monitored.
If you are blocked because you use a corporate network to connect contact MRISG by e-mail – Contact Form for advice on how to remove the problem.

The MRISG Forum Admin work tirelessly to keep your forum safe for genuine users and hope that this upgrade and extra level of security will continue to allow genuine forum members to continue their campaign for justice, un-hindered or harassed by others. Remember that conversation on the forum is private so can not be stifled by fear of being spied on or sited in a court of law. Especially, at this crucial time when certain people are attempting anything to frustrate and prevent this group functioning and trying to disrupt legal action against MacAnthony and his Directors and associates in Spain.

All members and specificity those who are not genuine members are advised to read the Terms and Conditions again and seriously consider if you can afford to be caught out identified and prosecuted for a blatant breach of those very plain Terms and Conditions, copyright breaches and/or Computer Hacking.

Blog Admin have also asked members to also look at all the recent work conducted there for your benefit – They also ask for any members who have experience in writing media articles suitable for the blog to submit prepared material directly to the MRISG – Contact Page. This will be reviewed and may be published.

All the Web, Blog and Forum Administrators have worked hard for two and a half years to keep your specific plight high on the web and succeeded despite attempts by others, so make the best of the facilities provided free of charge to you the victim and do not let Darragh MacAnthony or his associates get to you because now in the closing stages of his fame and fortune they will try anything to silence you and keep you from seeking justice. Keep Fighting.

The MRISG Members Only Forum Team.

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MRI Credit Notes or Just Another Scam?



MRISG have received the following information about the Credit Note part of the MRI business.  The credit notes were issued to people for various reasons but mainly because MRI failed to fulfil their contractual commitments to ‘Customers’.

These credit notes could be surrendered when buying another property through MRI.  However, read the Pineapple Fields deal Dominic Pickering, who claims not to work for MacAnthony any more, arranged in July 2011despite all the MRI companies claiming to have folded or packed up trading in 2010.

Are You One Of These?

Problem Development Issue Date Credit Note € Credit Note $ Dollar Amount
Panarama Bay 10th May 09 €5,000.00
Vila Verde 25th April 09 €6,000.00
Melbourne / SCBR 6th June 09 €7,245.00
Santa Venere 18th Nov 09 €18,000.00
Jardines Del Sol 4th May 09
$27,000.00 $27,000.00
Panarama Bay 28th August 09 €19,700.00
Greenfield 4th May 09 €20,000.00
Vila Verde 5th May 09 €20,000.00
Aldeia Formosa 14th May 09 €20,000.00
Vila Verde 24th Sept 09 €21,000.00
Villa Verde 4th May 09 €22,000.00
Stek 15th Nov 09 €22,000.00
Royal Park 21st August 09 €23,700.00
Silver Mountain 02nd May 10 €24,446.00
Residencial Don Juan II 15th June 09 €25,000.00
Royal Heights 19th April 09 €26,000.00
Pirin Suites 7th March 09 €27,000.00
Tierra Del Sol 23rd August 09 €27,000.00
Onyx 24th Sept 09 €28,500.00
City Residence 25th August 09 €28,633.00
Jardin del Sol 8th June 09 €29,000.00
Portofino 9th May 09 €30,000.00
Lazemia 27th Sept 09 €30,000.00
Don Juan 20th April 09 €34,000.00
San Jose 30th May 09 €34,000.00
SMR 30th Apr 10 €35,000.00
SCBR 30th June 10 €35,575.00
City Residence 28th Nov 09 €35,786.00
Topaz 28th August 09 €35,822.00
City Residence 25th Nov 09 €35,998.00
Portofino 11th May 09 €36,000.00
St Ivan 19th August 09 €36,000.00
Pirin Park 7th June 09 €37,000.00
Giardino Mediterraneo 28th Oct 09 €39,000.00
City Residence 2nd May 10 €39,439.00
Aspen Valley 20th Sept 10 € 39,553.00
Santa Venere 8th April 09 €39,947.42
Adelaide 23rd Feb 09 €40,000.00
Silver Mountain 24th Sept 09 €40,000.00
Residential Bavaro 7th June 09
$57,000.00 $57,000.00
Blaconi Zi Zambrone 29th Oct 10 €40,480.00
Blaconi Zi Zambrone 29th Oct 10 €40,480.00
City Residence 25th August 09 €41,178.13
SCBR 25th Feb 10 €42,115.50
Santa Venere 16th May 09 €44,000.00
Katarina Spa 7th June 09 €44,000.00
SCBR 27th Feb 10 €44,100.00
City Residence 30th August 09 €44,224.66
City Residence 19th Sept 09 €44,803.00
Porto Fino 14th May 09 €45,000.00
SCBR 11th Mar 10 €45,100.00
SCBR 29th Apr 10 €46,250.00
Aspen Heights 25th Oct 09 €46,871.00
Giardino Mediterraneo 28th Oct 09 €47,000.00
SCBR 29th June 10 €47,900.00
Blaconi Zi Zambrone 29th Oct 10 €48,400.00
Blaconi Zi Zambrone 29th Oct 10 €48,400.00
Santa Venere 20th April 09 €49,500.00
Flamingo 6th April 09 €50,000.00
Pirin Suites 1st June 09 €50,000.00
SCBR 29th Apr 10 €83,400.00
City Residence 13th August 09 €52,110.00
Panorama Bay 2 20th Aug 09 €53,000.00
Le Tercia Real 4th April 09 €56,000.00
TDS 14th June €57,000.00
Aldeia Formosa 19th April 09 €58,000.00
Dom Rep 17th Nov 09 €59,700.00
SCBR 2nd May 10 €62,888.00
SCBR 1st Mar 10 €64,330.00
City Residence 28th August 09 €64,500.00
SMR- Deeds signed 26th June 10 €64,880.00
City Residence 24th August 09 €64,885.20
City Residence 24th August 09 €66,460.00
SCBR 27th March 10 €68,000.00
SCBR 28th Feb 10 €69,000.00
City Residence 13th August 09
$100,000.00 $100,000.00
SCBR 17th Feb 10 €70,450.00
SCBR 25th July 10 € 70,763.00
SCBR 27th Apr 10 €71,000.00
City Residence 26th Oct 09 €71,721.00
Silver Mountain 27th July 10 €72,598.00
SCBR 23rd Feb 10 €74,377.00
Silver Mountain 26th July 10 €74,979.00
Aspen Golf 10th Sept 10 €75,000.00
Silver Mountain 06th May 10 €75,786.46
Vila Verde 26th August 09 €76,000.00
SCBR 12th Feb 10 €76,000.00
SMR 28th Apr 10 €77,500.00
SMR 1st May 10 €78,752.00
SMR 1st May 10 €80,972.00
SCBR 28th Apr 10 €83,500.00
SCBR 25th June 10 €83,621.00
Vila Verde 26th Oct 09 €84,000.00
City Residence 23rd Sept 09 € 87,105.96
SCBR 13th Mar 10 €88,785.00
Silver Mountain 23rd Sept 09 €90,000.00
Flamingo 26th August 09 €93,000.00
Florida 19th April 09 €96,000.00
Silver Mountain 26th July 10 €98,853.00
Silver Mountain 25th July 10 € 99,603.00
SCBR 27th June 10 €99,721.00
SCBR 27th June 10 €100,500.00
SCBR 28th Feb 10 €100,660.00
Preserves 16th Nov 09 €106,000.00
SCBR 27th June 10 €108,650.00
Jardines Del Sol 10th May 09 €109,000.00
SCBR 1st May 10 €109,710.00
SCBR 24th Feb 10 €110,500.00
Covera Golf 28th Nov 09 €127,000.00
Aspen Suites 16th Nov 09 €129,708.00
SCBR 29th Apr 10 €135,720.00
Silver Mountain 23rd August 10 €135,844.00
SCBR 28th Apr 10 €138,931.00
SCBR 13th Feb 10 €142,814.00
SCBR 28th Feb 10 €159,313.00
SCBR 14th Mar 10 €172,981.00
La Marinate & SCBR 20th March 09 / 27th March 10 €240,800.00


Darragh MacAnthony

Darragh MacAnthony

Dominic Pickering

Dominic Pickering

Correct us if we are wrong Messrs Pickering and MacAnthony but we make this a total of $10,227,976.96 …  That is just over Ten and a Quarter Million Dollars owed to 117ecstatically happy customers who you have issued Credit Notes to.  To add insult to their injury many of those customers even had to pay to receive these, apparently, worthless credit notes. Mr Pickering you will note the dates so all were issued when you were CEO so don’t be shy, your opportunity to reply is below.

What is worse, in the opinion of the MRISG, is many still don’t know they have been victims or the MacAnthony Corporation and are still being bombarded with ‘unbeatable deals‘ by phone and e-mail to cash the credit notes in just to be ripped-off again.  Darragh have you offered any of them Free iPads  or just the  properties in Pineapple Fields with inflated prices?

MacAnthony Country

MacAnthony Country

If you are one of those unfortunate individuals who possess an MRI Credit Note you may want to read about the MRI Credit Note Deal with Pineapple Fields.

You may also want to join the MRI Support Group Members Only Forum.

If anyone knows any other resorts anywhere in the world where MRI are trying to offer properties to Credit Note victims contact the MRISG and we will investigate the validity and value of these offers.

Darragh MacAnthony Ripped-Off

Darragh MacAnthony

Darragh MacAnthony

No mattter what you think of Darragh MacAnthony you have to feel sorry for him after reading a posting on his very own Blog:- Full Article HERE

Posted September 21st, 2010

Darragh on being ripped off

Yep that headline will no doubt give bitter competitors and my stalkers – the SG crowd – a little chuckle – but yours truly has been ripped off a couple of times over the last few years. Contrary to popular forum belief I have never ripped anyone off or robbed from them in all my time in business and nor will I ever do. I ran a massive organisation selling thousands of homes in 19 countries across the world and many times to people who just couldn’t afford them but got caught up in the buying frenzy that built the overseas property industry up. Some of these clients did not complete on what they bought due to their financial circumstances changing 18 months later when the properties were finished. They then lost their money due to this which is unfortunate, but not because of me or the companies I ran. That’s life and what happens when people take chances chasing a return on an investment. I am no different and had a large percentage of my wealth invested with an investment firm who put it into one of Bernie Madoffs funds. I received a phone call the Christmas before last to tell me all the money was gone. In one phone call a large percentage of my wealth was robbed and gone never to be seen again. I didn’t stalk Madoffs employees or companies, surf websites and join forums slagging him off nor threaten the investment firm with the press etc. because I knew when I gave them these monies in search of large percentage returns, there was a risk involved. Of course I didn’t expect to lose the lot, maybe worst case scenario 15% if it didn’t perform, but I agreed to invest the money, I signed it over, I gave this investment firm the ok to try and get me greater profits. Facts are that whenever you invest money there is an element of risk attached and I have always said over the years in brochures and TV interviews, do not invest money you don’t have and do not over extend yourself and go into it with eyes wide open always. So not only were my businesses suffering due to clients not completing on properties I had built for them, now my personal finances were hit hard and I had been scammed, ripped off and totally screwed along with millions of other people. Yes Darragh MacAnthony was robbed, scammed, ripped off and totally screwed out of millions – but with no complaints. Throw in the 780 clients who had signed contracts with one of my construction companies to build apartments for them and who walked away and failed to pay the final monies due on completion by contract when the apartments were built. That’s correct, over 780 clients worldwide failed to sign for apartments I had built for them and left a €30 million euro hole on my company’s balance sheet. Of course these clients will go on forums, join action groups and complain about me and my companies, but hard facts and contract facts are simple, they contracted to buy properties that I built for them and then when recession hit, they walked away and now I am the bad guy. Lets also throw in the 15 million euro in commissions owed to other companies of mine by developers who went bankrupt due to similar client completion issues. We are talking about multi-millions gone and all this in an 18 month period. For the final nail in the so called coffin, try paying out millions to furniture companies on behalf of clients and see them all go bankrupt before delivery and leave me holding the bill and of course receive venom from clients. Listen, I’m not looking for sympathy or telling a hard luck story, just the true reflection of life and what we all have to deal with on various levels. They are great lessons in life and ones thankfully I have learnt early on and prepare me for the future as I approach my 35th birthday and life back at work after a few years off getting married and having children. What doesn’t kill you certainly makes you stronger – is my favourite saying in life!!

Darragh on Forums

A big pet hate of mine for obvious reasons but mainly due to the fact that anyone can go on them, create them and basically accuse you of being a rapist, pedophile or a rip-off merchant and have complete anonymity without recourse and many times just to knock you down a peg or two. These forums fuel hatred, contempt and are often harboring bitter ex-employees, bitter competitors and clients with small issues that get made out like they are gigantic ones. Many forums take on a life of their own and get completely carried away with themselves. In my next month’s postings I shall give you an example of one and its many members and their ultimate goal of making me out to be a criminal and everything I do to be illegal or fraudulent. Why do people hide behind pseudonyms, host their forums in the States etc? Could it be because they are keyboard warriors with no substance behind their postings and nothing else better in their lives to actually do but post negative comments after negative comments? The internet is a powerful tool but can be a dangerous one and thankfully laws will eventually change and this type of freedom of slander will be a thing of the past. Hey I’m all for constructive criticism but not when it involves hatred and vile accusations with no firm evidence or concrete proof.



Open Letter Update October 2011

Mr MacAnthony,

Please have your lawyers contact the webmaster of this Support Group to arrange the transfer of 100 Million Dollars to those victims and your worries will all be over.  The reason for the cash is because it appears you don’t consider the Members Only Forum to be private from you or your paid spies, lawyers, directors or yourself.  It appear you have entered the forum in clear breach of the Forum Terms and Conditions.  If you don’t like the honest outbursts of your victims don’t open the door.

Could it be that you don’t like the truth?

Your failure to correct your blog about the pending criminal case in Marbella, claiming the case in Madrid to have been thrown out simply demonstrates the disliking of the truth and utter arrogance.

That posing was over a year ago and the MRISG await your exposé …….  It is worth also informing the reading public that not one of your threats of legal action for supposed Libel have gone to court and the MRISG members know the reason is that the last thing you need are hundreds of your victims lining up in the limelight outside the High Court in the Strand to give evidence against you and the press then splashing that news all over the world.  Thereby completely destroying you already tarnished image.

Money can buy you many things Darragh but not honesty.