Darragh MacAnthony BBC Cambridge Lies?

Darragh MacAnthony was interviewed by BBC Radio Cambridge on April 14th, 2010.

He was apparently referring to threats received by the MRISG Members Only Forum.   This was confirmed when Sergeant Saunders from Cambridgeshire Police requested permission to look into the forum.   The forum Administrators inform that there is nothing to hide so Sgt. Saunders was granted full access and found no such threats claimed by MacAnthony and Pickering.  Quite to the contrary he commented on how well the forum was run despite their being a lot of  emotion.

I would like to thank you for the access, you have allowed me, to your forum.
I will keep to my stated intention, of not disclosing content from the site.
I have viewed numerous threads of discussion, including the one which was subject to the specific allegation of threats.
My investigation into the allegation, suggests that this item has been “sanitised” at some stage, to remove the more aggressive aspect of it.
The forum by its nature voices emotional views based on emotional experiences, but is a private, tightly controlled location.
The limited time I had to view, limited specifically by the fact that I have numerous other tasks to perform in my working day, and the limited number of threads I viewed, does not show anything which I believe would lead to a successful prosecution in a UK criminal court.
I have made Mr Puckering and Mr MacAnthony aware of my findings.

Sgt. Saunders

However, it was noted that the many reported cases of harassment of members by Dominic Pickering and Darragh MacAnthony were never investigated by Sgt. Saunders.

The only conclusion the MRISG Forum Members can draw is that both Dominic Pickering and MacAnthony have used this as a cheap attempt to discredit the forum members to give the Peterborough Football Club supporters the impression MacAnthony is a victim, despite the evidence to the contrary.

It is also noted that the BBC has refused to give the MRIRSG the right to reply despite the findings of Sgt. Saunders.

What do you think?

Note: Sgt. Saunders remains a forum member along with many Law Enforcement Agencies who are looking into MacAnthony’s bussinesses.

How Some of the MRISG Feel

After dealings with one or more of the MacAnthony Realty International (MRI) companies MRISG Members Only Forum Members were asked to describe how they felt.

  • mis-led, mis-sold, mis-represented, disgruntled, fed up, angry, and stupid for parting with my hard earned cash
  • Cheated
  • Defrauded
  • Exhausted
  • ‘Frustrated’ towards officialdom
  • Desperate
  • Defrauded (by a bunch of crooks)
  • Robbed
  • Threatened and abused
  • Vengeance
  • Hate
  • Ripped off big style
  • Distraught, dismayed & disgusted at the outset but now vengeful & totally focused in seeking retribution
  • Tricked and deceived
  • Humiliated
  • Ripped Off
  • Screwed
  • Unwell
  • Will get them somehow - I have nothing to lose now
  • Devastated
  • Conned, betrayed, lied to, cheated, robbed …… lost faith in mankind
  • No faith in authorities
  • The EU take our money talk a good job but do nothing to protect us

And there are more ……..

How can one company cause so much pain to their clients then have the misguided moral focus to then threaten them with legal action and belittle them on radio, the press and the web?

How do you feel?

Reply to Andrew Penman by DimDom Pickering

Here’s the response from Pickering to MRISG Unhappy Birthday MRISG Press Release.

[Addressed to Andrew Penman] As you have previously used my responses out of context to support your story, please use these comments, in full and without interruption.

1.The so-called MRISG does not have a 1000 active members. It has about 10. That represents less than 0.000334% of the clients MRI has dealt with over the years. Hardly a ground-swell of support.

2.Jan Bramwell, along with Pamella East are founding members of the MRISG and also a company called BPAG, which conveniently charges consultation fees (120 euros per hour for a phone call!!!) to people who have issues with an overseas property. (See here for evidence: http://www.bulgaria-property-action-group.com/bpagepage.asp?ID=13 ).
ey profit from making situations appear to be bad, hence they set up the MRISG to support this endeavor. Many other MRISG members have similar competitive ventures.

3.The reason that the Regulatory Bodies that are refered to in their press release have not taken any action against MRI is because these bodies have concluded there is no case to answer by MRI as no wrong-doing has taken place.

4.Darragh has no involvement in the company as has been adequately covered in the media for quite some considerable time.

To reiterate, if you choose to write another story, please print these comments in full, in context, and without interruption.

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