Are Carter-Ruck Criminals or just greedy lawyer?

Dominic Pickering CEO of the remaining MacAnthony Realty International Group of Companies (MRI) employ Carter-Ruck to send out many threatening letters to private individuals threatening legal proceedings for any negative comment about MRI or Darragh MacAnthony, the not now Chairman but still owner through his Luxemburg and Swiss companies.

Private individuals receiving such letters from Isabel Hudson of Carter-Ruck feel very threatened and has caused fear of posting the truth about MRI companies on the Web.  Both she and Dominic Pickering are fully aware of Carter-Rucks record of costing hundreds of thousands to defend any action if taken to court by them.  They are thought to charge fees of over £700 an hour for litigation work.  Private individuals know they could never get the same resources to defend a case so either remove their posts or make an appology so the dubious activities of MRI and their staff are removed from the Web.  However, not here where your right to freedom of speech has not been breached due to US legislation.

Not only does Isabel Hudson threaten court action for Libel but also to threaten legal action for unenforceable breaches of contracts in European Countries where she knows they have no right to make such threats.  This is in fact harassment of victims of MRI.

She has also threatened individuals with criminal charges, which she knows full well are not criminal offences, where individuals have claiming monies back from credit card companies when MRI have failed to supply services or goods.

Is she part of the whole MRI conspiracy with Dominic Pickering or is she just a money grabbing and greedy solicitor hiding behind the claim to be acting in the best interests of and on behalf of her legitimate client - Dominic Pickering?

To the knowledge of the MRISG not one MRI Victim has been taken to court by MRI or Carter-Ruck anywhere in the world, despite a flow of harassing and threatening letters spewing from Isabel Hudson’s office.

You go figure?

Isabel if you have any comment please post your comments below.
It has been noted that both you and your pathetic client have not once contacted the MRISG to threaten the website.  Is that because you know what is written here is the truth and you would lose your case in any court other than a UK court?

European Advisory Service

The European Advisory Service (EAS) is a private company based in Malaga who simply collate information from individuals who have difficulties when dealing with businesses based in Spain.

Please note the MRISG do not support or endorse this company.

Some Victims of MacAnthony Realty International (MRI) have contacted the EAS for assistance in taking them to court.

However, it appears that due to the flood of complaints about MRI they are now actively asking for people who have had dealings with MacAnthony Realty to contact them-  They obviously get a referal fee from the lawyer.

Be aware that all they do is collate the case and forward to a legitimate Spanish Lawyer-

If you have been a victim, Like our Forum Members, join the forum and find out what is happening.  Remember you are far from alone in this.  There are over 1,000 Forum Members.

Please note the MRISG do not support or endorse this company.