Martinez-Echevarria Abogados, S.L.

MRI-SG are in contact with a Spanish lawyer who believes that Martinez-Echevarria Abogados, S.L. AKA Legal Independence could be found liable for the totality of the frauds committed against purchasers of overseas properties through MacAnthony Realty International,  whether they are UK, Irish, or from wherever. The action he intends to file will be a multi-million Euro Class Action seeking both actual losses and pecuniary (punishment) damages from Martinez-Echevaria Abogados S.L.  in the Spanish Courts.  As you can imagine a massive law firm like Martinez will not take this lying down so a prolonged battle is envisaged.

MRISG believe there are, potentially, thousands of would-be plaintiffs and for every plaintiff who comes forward, the costs on a PER PLAINTIFF basis would decrease.  In order to submit your details to this Spanish Lawyer please visit

During the evidence gathering process this lawyer is working completely free.  He will sift through all the statements that the above link generates and he will pick out ‘test cases‘ that show the fraud and complicity beyond question. He does not need all the details at this point in time. He just needs the overview, which is what the online questionnaire will gives him, without him being distracted by long-winded statements.   He can even almost just skip all the initial paragraphs and read the ‘My Account‘ bit to discover whether or not the information given directly implicates Martinez.

Let us imagine 1,000 people come forward. The claim could be for some £20 million in damages because he is claiming not just for the ‘legal advice’ (which wasn’t legal advice) but also for collusion with MRI and developers to defraud people, meaning he is claiming for the ENTIRETY of people’s losses and damages caused by their involvement with both Martenez and MRI.

We don’t know what he will advise at this point.  He may say everyone needs to contribute some money to move forward (If so, it is not going to be much because of the numbers of plaintiffs involved).  Or he may be able to say “If I win I want 10% of the damages awarded” (a Conditional Fee Arrangement) - these fees are illegal in the UK but I understand perfectly legal in Spain. Then there will be absolutely NO money demanded up-front at all.

At the moment, all you are doing is telling your story to the lawyer by way of using the online form. That’s it. You have no commitments, no liability, no need to pay a dime. It is something MRISG members I have done to help you get justice.

Dominic Pickering, Isabel Hudson or Adam Tudor of Carter-Ruck,  and Darragh MacAnthony are warned at this very early stage that any interference in the legal process in Spain could result in a fine, imprisonment or both.

If you are a victim of MacAnthony Realty International or any of Darragh MacAnthony’s companies or have suffered having been introduced to Martinez-Echevarria Abogados, S.L. by any of Darragh MacAnthony’s companies visti the link below and file your details.

You may also want to join the MRI-SG Members only forum where you will find the support of hundreds of other victims.