Pineapple Fields & MRI Credit Notes

The MRISG have been able to establish that MacAnthony Realty International have issued ‘Credit Notes‘ to the tune of over 10 million Euros to 117 of their customers they failed to provide properties to despite taking deposits and commission.

You may ask what can these credit notes be used for?

Pineapple Fields Development Ltd

The MRISG have received information that although MRI are no longer trading and Dominic Pickering no longer works for MRI and Darragh MacAnthony no longer runs his own companies, they appear to have found ways to remove more monies from customers they have already scammed.  MRI plans to get customers to utilise these useless ‘Credit Notes’ issued by a company who no longer trades, by offering properties at artificially inflated prices to customers and hide the true value of those properties during the span of the scam.  Although not doing anything illegal it demonstrates the moral depths MRI and their directors will stoop to remove even more money from peoples pockets.

MRISG have received documentation of a contract between MRI, Who no longer trades and Dominic Pickering no longer works for,  and Pineapple Fields Developers Ltd in the Bahamas where one bedroom apartments have been available for sale since 2005 but have not moved for 6 years.  Presumably, to try and offload these dwindling assets, Pineapple Fields dropped the prices from $275,000 a unit in 2006 to, we believe, $184,000 prior to July 2001 but in July 2011 it appears Dominic Pickering representing MacAnthony Realty International signed a contract with Pineapple Fields Development Ltd to advertise the prices at $275,000  on their website until 31st August so MRI could offer ‘Credit Note’ holders an opportunity to buy these unsalable properties at the inflated prices.  This would mean that someone with a ‘Credit Note’ for €60,000 would only have to pay $215,000 wile MRI pocket the €60,000 they have already pocketed from the ‘Credit Note’ and get $31,000 on top  a total of €91,000 from one customer whom they have already ripped off in the past.  And they have 7 of these properties especially selected for their best customers.

Presumably these offers are to be sent out to the most promising of the 117 misled MRI Customers who currently hold these worthless ‘Credit Notes’ from MRI.  Not only have MRI pocketed commission from the original sale which fell through they pocket even more in this slight of hand deal to unsuspecting property investors.

The MRISG hope that Pineapple Fields Development Ltd understand the nature of the vipers they have got into bed with and it doesn’t back fire in their faces when it is revealed more openly what has gone on.

Download the agreement and see for your self - Agreement_between_MRI&PFDL

Darragh MacAnthony Liar or Victim?

Antono Flores - Lawbird Legal Services

Darragh MacAnthony’s personal blog - still carries lies about the case against him in Spain but the Libelous comments about the Spanish

Lawyer, Antonio Flores of Lawbird Legal Services who is the lawyer bringing the criminal case against MacAnthony have been removed?

The part removed, presumably because Antonio and his partners threatened MacAnthony with Libel in the UK:

Darragh MacAnthony

Published on the 4th June 2011 and now removed - “6 or 7 months later I was contacted by a mutual acquaintance of both Flores and I, to tell me a deal can be done to make all these claims stop. I can’t remember the exact figure but it was around 150k or 200k euros. In one of those nudge-nudge, wink-wink conversations, it became clear that this wasn’t a settlement for the clients, this was a pay-off for the lawyer to stop him pursuing the case and to tell the clients they had no chance of winning! I told this guy that I wouldn’t be paying off this ambulance chaser of a lawyer and that he can take the company who sold this furniture to clients to court and do things in the correct manner as it has nothing to do with me personally. This message came back that the lawyer was going to get paid either way.  Either I pay him off, or he taps up clients for legal fees.”

Although his claim that the case has been rejected by the courts remains yet blatantly incorrect - Madrid Court Rejects Claim.

How long before MacAnthony has his assets seized by the courts?