Who is talking about the MRISG on the Web?

A quick search on any search engine comes up with many links or references about the MRISG but here are some for you so you don’t have to plough through all the bogus references on the web deliberately put there to confuse you and supress this site’s viability.

  • The little guy can take on the sharks

    Daily Mirror Blog

  • Financial Mail
  • The Olive Press
  • The Guardian
  • Spanish Property Update
  • Antonio Flores Blog
  • DiarMaid Independent Overseas Consultants
  • FaceBook
  • YouTube
  • RipOff Report
  • Cyprus Property News
  • Overseas Cafe
  • Diarmaid Condon
  • Complaints Board
  • Home Wealth Package
  • Gasta TV

MacAnthony Keyboard Worriers At Work

See how MacAnthony and Friends try to use the Internet to hide the MRISG from search engines so bury the bad news.  Below are just some of the ‘Spoilers‘ MacAnthony & Co. have posted to try and push this site out of the first page of all the search engines.

  •  ‘Dominic Pickering is the Overseas Property Problem Solver‘ Tags: Furniture, Problem, Solver, Scams, Scan, Pickering, Dominic, Overseas, Property
  •  ‘Darragh MacAnthony Has a Petition Against His Company MRI‘ Tags:Darragh MacAnthony, Multitasking, Driving, Distractions, Talking, Texting, Cell Phones, Reading, Kindle
  • One of the Spoilers is NewsFTUK who has been posting bogus videos with reference to Darragh MacAnthony since July 2010 - 106 videos in total.
  • Another spoiler who, coincidentally, joined MetCalf the same day as NewsFTUK is DancingGrob who has posted 32 videos referencing Dominic Pickering.
  • DancingGrob also posted videos on with search engine spoilers about Wayne Mottley a one time MRI Director and now CEO of Capital Financial Partners…. Another MacAnthony company complicit in the original scams in Europe.
  • also has the illusive Wilred1 posting a total of 29 video clips mostly about Wayne Motley,  MRI, CFP etc… Some are quite obtuse clips but still abuse of search engine listings.
  • Appears to have another Spoiler:- Marisa Constantinides  who claims to be a Disability Hero and Teaching training .  However, posts spoiler videos then changes the titles when challenged by MRISG members.  See a specific example Here (Page Print from VodPod).  Could this be the real Marisa Constantindes HERE
  • Other postings include all Darragh MacAnthony’s very own ‘Charitable Donation‘ Sites -
  • even had to give two contributors a telling off for disrupting their page about him for adding references to his own sites to prove he is a good guy.
  • At one point Dominic Pickering even tried to sue people from this site for reference to an official US public information site displaying his address and phone number and where his details are clear for anyone searching for him.  It even gives details of his own Real Estate company - which again is listed using and a Proxy Service so private details are not exposed to the public, like so many of the sites put up by people with MRI links, but not strictly illegal for any businesses to users and certainly not one you should deal with.
  • Even FaceBook social networking site is used by MacAnthony & Co but he doesn’t allow anyone to post on his wall to hide the bad news.
  • DailyMotion Video Website has even had promotional videos added by an anonymous user - InvestorsFund
  • Darragh MacAnthony’s personal FaceBook Wall even carries a lot of the references to the above.  Clear evidence that the man himself has had a hand in spoiling or had someone else do it for him.  Just in case he alters his posts here is a snapshot of the wall - Darragh MacAnthony FaceBook PDF
  • Lastly Darragh MacAnthony’s very own Peterborough Football Club, The Posh, contribute to the spoilers.  However, this is probably the only legitimate use of the web as the club is news worthy and he is the Chairman, for now.
There are many more examples and if you wish to add to these please post your comments below.
As always MacAnthony and Pickering you are all welcome to add ones not shown or rebut or add to this article.
Keyboard Warriors.
As a note to anyone MacAnthony accuses the MRISG of just being Keyboard Warriors but is rich coming from someone who must be paying someone a lot of money to attempt to crush this group in the Google Ratings.
The Truth Will Out and justice will be seen soon.

Read an Update 2014……



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