Hiding the Past

MRISG Talk Continued…

Some time ago MRI-SG wrote an article about how MRI, Dominic Pickering and Darragh MacAnthony were using their own people, media companies, Carter Ruck and Bains Cohen to limit what people found on the internet.  Burying bad news about MRI and their lamentable behavior to their Victims they referred to by them as customers.  The list of Search Engine spoiling carried out was on an almost industrial scale to prevent you from finding the truth.

However, more recently the European court appears to have let the flood open gates for individuals and criminals to have their history wiped or at least remain unlisted in their searches.  This came about from a Spanish citizen who objected to the input of their name returning a newspaper article detailing their bankruptcy some years before.

Now the big question….  Will Darragh MacAnthony, Dominic Pickering and their band of questionable directors now flood Google with requests that their involvement in one of Europe’s largest scams is removed?

This article by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land suggests that the request may well be allowed but whether the removal of links from Google’s search results may not be what they want.  The MRISG has directed Google to our own article published in 201, MRISG Talk, and to MRI owes me money pages to have them remove spurious entries deliberately created to have their crimes buried in a list of useless and pointless links.

Google has responded stating that the articles, websites and videos all breach their code and are indeed preventing meaningful search results.  However, when they have time to implement the weeding of the spoilers is anyone’s guess.

Google guidance also means that if they reject someone’s claim to have their history wiped it has to be about an individual and not a company.  As all the MRI companies are now in liquidation there are no directors to make the claim for the links to be removed so no links about the company MRI Overseas Properties etc.. will ever be removed by them.

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