Right to Reply

The MRISG Website has carried the Right to Reply‘ for MacAnthony Realty International Companies, their lawyers, Cater-Ruck and any other companies or individuals mentioned on the site.

This facility has existed since May 2009 but to the date of publishing this document has never been used by any of the above mentioned companies or individuals.

The MRISG BLOG encourage the use of either direct comment to rebut any thing mentioned on either this site or BLOG.  Other means of communication will not be accepted especially threats from Carter-Ruck who should know the process and if they don’t they should find out.  If you have an issue with any content you need to establish you have tried and failed to put right any inaccuracies and/or errors before entering into legal proceedings.  In the state of California a failure to do this will immediately invalidate any  legal action.  It may also render you liable for malicious intent, which could result in fines and/or compensation exceeding those which would be awarded for Libel or Slander.

It will be taken as read that the content is acceptable and accurate should no rebuttal be received by the BLOG Administrators.

Anonymous comments will not be published in this blog and only those from legitimate and verifiable e-mail addresses will be so published.

The BLOG Administrators reserve the right not to publish comments which appear to be Spam, Libel, Slander or disruptive to the aims of the MRISG.

Any attempt to hack, in any way, this BLOG or Members Only forum will be a Federal Offense punishable by Imprisonment.

Take Down Notice

If you feel that there is any defamatory or liblous comment or copyright infringement on this website either challenge that content in the appropriate posting or for serious cases contact the webmaster with the following information:

Take Down Notice Requirements

To be valid, a Take Down Notice must contain:

(a) sufficient information to enable us to identify the allegedly Offending Material. If there are large amounts of allegedly Offending Material, please provide a representative list of such materials, for example, copies of the infringing material and identifying information, such as the name of the account from which the material has been posted or contributed;

(b) sufficient information to enable us to identify and locate the allegedly Offending Material (for example by providing the date and time on which the material was made available on www.mri-sg.org);

(c) full identification of the person, company, organisation targeted by the Offending Material, or the category of Offending Material (if no person, company or organisation is targeted) and Your contact details so that we can contact you (for example, your address, telephone number, email address);

(d) your confirmation, given in good faith, that the material described in the Take Down Notice is Offending Material, that your Take Down Notice is true and accurate and that you are, or are authorised to act on behalf of, the party that has been harmed by and/or is complaining against the allegedly Offending Material; and

(e) Your physical or electronic signature.

Your Take Down Notice should be forwarded by email to webmaster@mri-sg.org.  We will then arrange for one of our researchers to contact you directly.

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