Freedom of Speech Banned in Northern Ireland?

The Libel Reform campaign continue the fight to have the chilling effects of Libel Tourism banished in the UK.  Despite the legislation coming into force in England, Wales and Scotland in January 2014 the focus of Libel Tourism has simply moved to Northern Ireland where the same draconian laws exist because the Northern Irish Assembly refuse to adopt the legislation.

No Freedom of Speech in the Northern Ireland Assembly

One of the most worrying aspects of this is that the very minister who claimed to want to help this group in their struggle with Darragh MacAnthony and even asked questions in UK Parliament, Sammy Wilson, appears to be behind it.  The Early Days Motion requested he made on behalf of this group never happened and now this betrayal.  It makes people wonder what circles some people move in and what their motivation is.  If you wish to assist in the abolition of this blatant killer of freedom of speech contact him personally or visit the Libel Reform site and ask for the real reasons for refusal to have this adopted by the Northern Irish Assembly.

We have no doubt all the usual suspects will be moving their Libel Vultures to offices near Stormont to worship their gods and continue the lucrative industry of crippling the truth.


Extract from Libel Reform Website Below:


None of the Defamation Act 2013 has been extended to Northern Ireland, and former Minister for Finance & Personnel Sammy Wilson MLA said he had “no plans” to review the law. This leaves citizens in Northern Ireland with far fewer free speech protections than their neighbours elsewhere in the UK.

Sign the petition for Libel Reform in Northern Ireland

MRISG Talk - EU & Google

MRISG Talk Continued….

Some time ago MRI-SG wrote an article about how MRI, Dominic Pickering and Darragh MacAnthony were using their own people, media companies, lawyers, Carter Ruck and Bains Cohen and On-line Reputation Companies to limit what people found on the internet using a search engine.  Burying bad news about MRI and their lamentable behaviour to their Victims they referred to by them as customers.  The list of Search Engine spoiling carried out was on an almost industrial scale to prevent you finding the truth.

However, more recently the European court appear to have let the flood open gates for individuals have their history wiped or at least remain unlisted in their search results.  This came about from a Spanish citizen who objected to the input of their name returning a newspaper article detailing their bankruptcy some years before.

Now the big question….  Will Darragh MacAnthony, Dominic Pickering and their band of questionable directors now flood Google with requests that their involvement in one of Europe’s largest scams be removed?

This article by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land suggests that the request may well be allowed but weather the removal of links from Google‘s search results may not be what they will get.  The MRISG have directed Google to our own article published in 2011, MRISG Talk, and to MRI owes me money pages to have them attempt to remove spurious entries deliberately created to have MacAnthony & Co.’s pasts buried in a list of useless and pointless links.

Google have responded stating that the articles, websites and videos mainly breach their code and are indeed preventing meaningful search results.  However, when they have time to implement the weeding of the spoilers is anyone’s guess.

Google guidance also means that if they reject someone’s claim to have their history wiped it is upto the EU court to rule and not them, although outside Europe they will not be removed.  They also point out that any requests have to be for an individual and not a company unless requested by a serving director.  As all the MRI companies are now in liquidation there are no directors to make the claim for the links to be removed so no links about the company MRI Overseas Properties etc.. should ever be removed by them.  Also the fact that the MRI Directors are or were listed is a matter of public record so will not be removed by Google because they could be sued should someone end up losing money because Google blocked or failed to list pertinent public records.

I can see the lawyers all rubbing their hands in anticipation of getting very rich over this ruling.  I wonder if MacAnthony and Co. have already made their submissions to Google‘s take down notices.

Message for Darragh MacAnthony

MacAnthony thinks it is all over because the heat has backed off him….. Well don’t bank on it MacAnthony there are many who still want to see you behind bars for what you did to them.

The MRISG have been in contact with a victim of MRI who was an employee and is runner her own blog having won €250,000 compensation in the Spanish Courts but is left unpaid after 3 years.  Read the whole blog it gives an insight to what lengths MRI management went to in order to keep other peoples money.

Blogger: MRI owes me money (note: MacAnthony also tried to get this person’s blog taken down too)


Message for Darragh MacAnthony

Dear Darragh,

 In 2006 I left the UK and my friends and family to work for MRI.  Your company.  So proud of it you put your name over the door.  My partner of 6 years resigned from his incredibly secure and well paid job in Education to join me.  We thought we were doing the right thing.  We thought that I would be working for a reputable company.  Although the decision we made to leave the UK was a difficult one, we never for a moment thought we were doing anything risky.  Why would we?  MacAnthony Realty was a reputable company wasn’t it?

 Fast forward 18 months to October 2008.  I’m homeless, owed a large sum of money, being lied to by the company I work for as to when I’ll ever get paid and wondering how on earth I got into this predicament.  I know I’m owed around €150k but I’ve just been paid €826 for the month.  Eight hundred and twenty six Euros.  Now that really was taking the piss.

 I worked my arse off for you, Darragh.  I was loyal, believed in what I was doing and didn’t bullshit.  I sold MRI’s own developments above and beyond any others because I believed in you and absolutely thought that they would be 5 star developments.  I unknowingly missold Aspen Golf and Suites apartments that came back on the market as front line apartments as why would I not believe you?  In your interview with John Stapleton you said that Aspen Golf was “on the golf course”,  as did your sister Wendy MacAnthony in the Bulgaria section of your MRI promotional video.

 You lied Darragh.  You lied about Aspen Golf.  You lied about paying your staff.  You lied in your video that you’d still be around in 10 years and you lied about doing the best for your customers.  You lied that your company and staff were “like family”.  Well, only if you fuck your family over and treat them as shit to be disposed of.  You’re a liar Darragh MacAnthony.

 Eight months after starting to work for you, I was awarded Outstanding Sales Person of the Year.  When you presented the cheque at the Christmas party with MJ, you said “I can’t believe I’m paying €25k to someone I’ve never heard of.”  Why had you not heard of your best sales person?

 And when I resigned your response to MJ was “who is she.  And this is important, why?”

 MJ replied ” She was our no 1 sales person who got the sales person award last Christmas

MM recons that she was actually doing a takeaway on us thinking that we are holding back on coms

She has been read the riot act but there is a slim chance she will be back”

 Your reply “Fuck her.  Stupid ungrateful bitch.”

 “Fuck her.  Stupid ungrateful bitch.”  That just about sums you up doesn’t it, Darragh.  I resigned because I was owed €150k and I’d just been paid €826.  And you think I should be grateful?!  What an arsehole you are.

 You weren’t even aware of the competition that was running in Bankso that whoever sold the most MRI apartments would win €10k.  I won that too of course.  Not because I suddenly started selling them, but because I always had been.  Because I was loyal to you.  I went to the Christmas party because I was told that I would receive the €10k there and intended to kick up a major fuss if I didn’t.  The Sales Person of the Year was a complete surprise.

Thank god for that €35k I won, otherwise I’d have been paid almost nothing for the 18 months I worked for MRI.

 After I resigned and word got out amongst ex employees that I intended taking MRI to court, so many of them contacted me with their stories.  All the same.  The only difference being the amounts you owed to those people and how badly their lives had been damaged by working for you.  Many of them wanted to join me in the court case, but sadly few had kept records or kept in touch with their clients.

 And so in the end it was just me vs MRI in court.  A small court room in Marbella with just the judge, my solicitor, interpreter, my court official, MRI’s court official and my partner.  That was it.  Your own solicitor didn’t even show up.  We were told by the court official that the reason he failed to appear was because he hadn’t been paid.  Wow did that make us laugh.  You probably didn’t care anyway, did you.  So what if I won?  You knew that all the money had been taken out of MRI anyway.  You’re a multi millionaire but you made sure your company had zero money.  Did you even know that the case was coming to court?  I find it hard to imagine that you’d want to lose.

 It’s nearly 4 years since the judge ruled in my favour.  You owe me money Darragh.  I know it’s officially MRI that owes me, but we all know where the MRI money went.  And I’m not giving up.  My beautiful, amazing, innocent gift of a son is turning 1 in a few weeks and the money you owe me is for his future.  I have more reason than ever to keep pursuing this.  And I will.

 Another court case is far, far away on the distant horizon, but it’s getting closer and this time I’m pretty certain your solicitor will turn up.  In the meantime I’m going to ensure that as many people as possible know the truth about you.  Shut my blog down again if you want.  It will be back.  Again.  And again.  And again.  Plus my very own site is in the pipeline.  Stay tuned for that one, you’re going to love it.

 What would you have done if you were in my position Darragh?  If you’d been selling timeshare for Club Costa, helped to make the owner a millionaire and then hadn’t been paid yourself.  Would you slope off with your tail between your legs.  No, of course you wouldn’t.  You’d fight tooth and nail until you’d been paid what was owed to you.   So why on earth do you think I’m going to give up?  Do you think you’re some kind of superior being?  It certainly appears that way.

 What would you do if one of your children, or sister, or dad, or mum when she was alive worked for millionaire who then didn’t pay them? What would you tell them to do?  Walk away?  No, I don’t think so.  We both know what you’d tell them to do.

 I used to lead adventure tours Darragh.  I was looking after 18 tourists in Tajikistan when civil war broke out and all the borders closed.  I had to persuade guards to open the border into Uzbekistan for us so that my group could fly home.  In Indonesia our bus was attacked during election riots and I had to keep 16 people calm and get them to safety.  I’ve been chased by the KGB in Uzbekistan (yes, really) after 2 of my group missed an internal flight and we had to get a taxi through a forbidden to tourist zone.  I’ve had to write gazov nyet (no gas) in stones on a mountainside in Kazakhstan after discovering that one of our gas canisters for cooking was leaking and we would soon run out.  I had 18 tourists to look after and feed, we were 10 days trek away from the nearest village, way above the tree line and our route out was via helicopter which wasn’t due to arrive for another 2 days.  I’ve had to make a life and death decision about whether one of my group was suffering from life threatening altitude sickness or not and whether emergency evac was needed.  I could carry on.  Taking you on is a walk in the park in comparison Darragh.

 And I’m not giving up.  I don’t care how long it takes.  I have absolutely nothing to lose.

 When my son grows up I’ll be able to tell him that I stood up to the bad guy. I’ll be able to teach him that just because somebody is wealthy, don’t be afraid to stand up against them for what is right and true.  What lessons are you teaching your children Darragh?  That’s it’s OK to steal from your staff?  That shafting the people who helped you make your millions is absolutely fine?  Well your children are going to learn the truth about you.  But then maybe you’re raising them with the same dubious moral compass that you have yourself and they’ll still be proud of their dad because he’s told them as long as you believe that you’re right, then you are.

 I’ll be teaching my son that making mistakes is fine and normal and that only by making mistakes can you learn and grow.  However, I’ll also be drumming into him that if you make a mistake, you hold your hands up and own up to it.  You never, ever try and bullshit your way out of it and even worse you never lie to yourself about the mistakes you make.  Only strong people are able to be completely honest with themselves, recognise their mistakes and put them right.  I think you’re a coward Darragh MacAnthony.

I know that you’re never willingly going to pay me what you owe (especially now that I’ve dared call the mighty Darragh MacAnthony a coward, an arsehole and a liar) so I’ll see you in court Darragh.  It won’t be soon.  When I do see you in court it will be with certainty that I’m going to win (again) and there’s a whole load of records for the forensic accountant to go through.  But that day will come.  And maybe you kids will be old enough to understand exactly what their dad is doing in court.  I hope so.

In the meantime I’ll be proud of the fact that I’m the only person to win a court case against MRI and have the inner warmth from the knowledge that I’m going to beat Darragh MacAnthony in court.  And while I’m waiting for that day as many people as possible are going to learn the truth about Darragh MacAnthony.
The woman who helped you make your fortune, Diane

PS It looks like I’m not the only one to not give up or forget Darragh.  Search terms that people have used to find my blog include “macanthony realty fraudster”, “mri bansko” and “darragh macanthony court case”.


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