Dominic Pickering Diatribe

Taken from Post in MRISG Forum (with the consent of the poster)

Having read the Puckering diatribe fully, again, it does make me wonder why such a reputable and supposedly corporate company has to go to such efforts to publicly libel individuals who have just tried to help and support others who have felt abandoned, duped and conned.  If DimDom (Aka Dominic Pickering CEO MacAnthony Realty International Group of Companies) is such a good CEO of such a wonderful company why are his pages reduced to little more than a personal diary or blog and why didn’t he instruct his staff to stop and contact every customer with problems and explain what difficulties there are and how they were going to tackle those problems.

No DimDom chose to attack those customers privately and publicly and threaten them with Carter-*uck.

Can you imagine Marks & Spencer threatening to sue a customer who was publicly complaining about the fit of their latest D Cup bra.  Then name them on their corporate website as trying to profit from their complaints?
Could you imagine Costa Coffee threatening to sue a customer who publicly complained the coffee was substandard and was too bitter or mild.  Then name them on their corporate website as trying to profit from their complaints?
Could you imagine National Rail threatening to sue a customer because they publicly complained about the state of the rail lines or being ripped off by their website.  Then name them on their corporate website as trying to profit from their complaints?

No:- Even MacDonalds who did sue someone in the MacLibel case in the 90s lost in the end even though some of what they said may not have been completely true but it boiled down to individuals perception and the right to express opinion.

The Customer Care philosophy for MRI appears to be ‘We don’t care and Customers don’t matter as long as we have their money’.

Prove the evidence wrong DimDom Get in touch with Admin and ask how you can start sorting the thousands of complaints out for your customers and stop your libel and threats.   How about it DimDom.

Or Better still reply to this post and let others judge you on your performance as CEO.


2 Responses to “Dominic Pickering Diatribe”
  1. Damian Galvin says:

    I might be being mischievous here, but my natural Dennis the Menace streak comes out when I read this & have to ask: what would happen if 50 people spoke their mind at the same time? Could all be sued? I cant see Carter Ruck doing that. O

    h well, for my part, when I met an MRI salesman in the Continental Hotel in 2006, on an early investment mission (before I moved to live there), I was seriously unimpressed. A slick, too slick, pinstripe clad, car salesman type who just spoke at me about what a great place Bucharest was & how the developments on offer were bargains. Despite the fact I explained I had already bought several older apartments in town & was simply expanding, he continued to reel off a patter that was neither true, nor up to date, I just left feeling hacked off actually, listening to someone who knew less than I did but still tried to program into me the MRI rewritten speak. Honestly, even 4 years on, I still deeply resent loosing those short minutes I spent listening to that guy. It still narks me,.

  2. Michele says:

    Any man that is at the top of his diminion will grant his second command to a fool-
    as someone has to take the fall.