Fear of Loss, Greed of Gain

Ever knowingly been the lab rat in a business manipulating the ground to use one of the basic human emotions?

Well you may find you have been if you are now one of the hundreds of victim of MRI Overseas Property or one of their other companies.

Dean Masters was one of their directors and his favourite saying was exactly that – Fear of Loss, Greed of Gain to motivate his people to use your fear to extract more monies for the business.

This is a well practised psychological leaver utilised and deployed skilfully ensuring that customers who feared losing their investments would be hooked to pay out more monies with the simple tactic of applying ‘Boiler Room‘ methods to convince as many as they could to sign up to another product or move from one development to another to protect them but where MRI would be the only winners.

Are a company who deploys this  type of cynical methods when dealing with those who they have already been complicit in ruining have got to be a little suspect if not outright criminal…. What do you think?

Were you taken in by  MRI when claiming that they were looking after your interests?  If so did you see any return from that concern?

Where did all the money go if the MacAnthony Realty Companies are going into liquidation.  Where are the accounts fro those left standing?

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