Is MacAnthony using industrial espionage to spy?

MRI ConstructionQuote from a recent thread in the MRISG Members Only Forum which specifically excludes anyone with MRI connections having sight of the forum.

« “This is a message to the informer’s on this forum.
What you must bear in mind is that if M.R.I. was the reputable company that we were led to believe then this forum would not need to exist.

Darragh MacAnthony

Darragh MacAnthony

Maybe you are an employee and are getting paid for passing information on which would mean that you posted a fictitious story in order to gain access to the forum, which to a certain extent, I can understand as you have obviously been indoctrinated and trained into the M.R.I. way of doing things and industrial espionage is ,today ,big business so make sure you are paid accordingly.
Maybe you were a genuine honest investor who has had a very large carrot dangled in front of them and has been promised many reward’s and could soon be the proud owner of a gleaming new finished apartment (including furniture) somewhere in the world. You must consider the fact that this forum only exists because of broken promises from M.R.I so I really hope you get your rewards. Either way, whatever your reason’s you can rest assured that you have contributed to Mr Macanthony’s goal of achieving billionaire status before his 40th birthday. What you get out of it is entirely up to you
Another aspect to seriously consider is that the member’s of this forum are honest citizens who were sucked in (like you) by the well oiled manipulative machine of M.R.I. (ex time share) which spotted an avenue to greater riches.
Whether you are an employee or a victim of some serious carrot dangling something else to bear in mind is the fact that this forum and it’s members “will not” going away and these law abiding honest hard working investor’s have now found the courage to stand up and fight for justice.
If you are an employee you will probably read this and have a good laugh!.  Something to do with the training iI expect. If you are the victim of the carrot dangling then all we can hope for is that you enjoy your reward’s and that one day your conscience gets the better of you knowing that, by divulging information and trying to pre-empt our every move you have been a major contributor to the decimation of hundreds of lives and future’s such as broken marriages, bankruptcy, lost pension funds and serious health problems brought about by the worry and stress caused by this company. The whole of this message may mean absolutely nothing to you and you might take the stance “Who cares, I’ve got what I want” but you can rest assured that one day in the near future your identities will probably be revealed and justice will be done.
In the words of Mr Macanthony “What goes around comes around»

Read the Forum Terms and Conditions, which have to be read twice before signing up to the forum, - Here - see if you can see how Dominic Pickering or Darragh MacAnthony can possibly believe they are exempt from those Terms and the Law.  Even their UK Solicitor Isabel Hudson of Carter-Ruck is known to have seen material from the forum.

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