Letter to Dominic Pickering MRI CEO

Dear Dominic,

I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail sent on 3/06/2010 …. appologies for not replying sooner … not least I am dealing with the ruining of my life by my encounter with MRI :

..also… I had to check out a myriad of facts before I replied to you.

Your email -which accuses me of making ‘demonstrably false statements’ regarding MRI on a recent Misled Realty Investor –Support Group Press Release.

Firstly, I have NEVER BEEN INVOLVED IN ANY PRESS RELEASE… you do not realise but there are many people involved in mri-sg and each take the baton when and where required …. But the press- release has never been my domain —-

Secondly, the facts will have been checked by those concerned before issuing any press-release. I have no need or reason to ‘defend’ myself against you or your allegations, I am replying to your e-mail as a courtesy to clarify certain things, (for your benefit)

Thirdly , if you truly had any intent to assist me – you would have done so well over 2 years ago … & since then you have had a thousand opportunities to help me , refund me , sort all of it out.You made several promises to do so – but never once did you ACT. I , meanwhile ,-had ,finally, heartbreakingly , to relinquish my property to the bank ….where were you then?

1. In my purchase of an off-plan property in Bansko , Bulgaria ,

I was introduced (by MRI) to the law firm called Legal Independence (aka Martinez-Echevarria) who did not ever act in my best interests and who were not independent of MRI…& WHO WERE NEGLIGENT & whom were totally biased in the favour of MRI & the developer and I was never protected or advised .This totally inept , negligent and corrupt firm were completely instrumental in my losses with the developer and all of this was helmed by MRI FROM THE START . I WOULD have never had ANY dealings with L.I or that developer if it were not for MRI. My vast losses and time this last 5 years out of the property market have been catastrophic and I will never recover.

ALSO,-Many people were introduced to CFP BY MRI

We are aware that presently you are the ‘agent’ for CFP in Florida and also that you originally registered CFP as a company in the USA in 2005.

Darragh MacAnthony, Chairman of the MRI Group registered CFP as a company

in Spain in 2005. At present Wayne Mottley, Darragh’s Brother-in-law is the

CEO/President of both CFP in Florida and Spain ….. and has been since 2005 (see

appendix A).

For clarification purposes (appendix A)

• You are the registered agent for CFP in the USA

• You set up CFP in Florida in 2005

• Wayne Mottley is CEO of CFP Spain and President of CFP in Florida , USA .

• Darragh MacAnthony set up CFP in Spain in 2005

• The cfpworldwide.com domain registrant in 2007 was Chris Bulow of MRI Overseas Property

We are aware that you have now listed as the registrant contact for the cfpworldwide.com. domain – We hope that this does not imply that CFP is heading for a company status – change, =like all the UK MRI subsidiaries.

It also appears that confidential financial customer information has been shared

between these ‘independent’ companies (such as a client’s equity in the UK and

the ROI, their income savings and pensions etc) which has then be made available to help MRI representatives ‘maximise’ their sales and commissions earned by persuading their naïve clients to commit to purchase multiple units, higher spec properties, after-sales and rental services and furniture packs that were not required for years. (appendix B).

Hardly independent Dominic,

Having been involved with the MRI Group for the last 10 years you certainly must have been aware and knowledgeable of these working arrangements and in the case of CFP- it is wholly evident that you and the Chairman were directly responsible for the origination,administration and co-ordination of how CFP and MRI and Legal Independence would ‘work’ together to persuade their clients to place reservation deposits on properties by being constantly supplied inaccurate information & misrepresentation on availability of mortgages, VAT, facilities, rental agreements, after- sales memberships contracts , furniture packages etc.

Or perhaps by the MRI Group’s claim that these companies are ‘independent’ of MRI ? It,- clearly- illustrates how you, as the present CEO of MRI can be charged as being directly responsible for deliberately misleading and deceiving your clients AND even making demonstrably false statements.

Please see your response (below) sent in an e-mail sent on 15th December 2008 to another misled investor in Bulgaria , Ms T Carrington. after she queried the

connection between MRI and the sudden appearance of DCC International

properties website- showing the same address as MRI., of course…..

“I confirm to you that DCC IP have absolutely nothing to do with MRI.”

I also refer you to your statement published in OPP magazine in January 2009

(http://mrioverseasproperty.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/clarification-by-mri-new-ceo) —where you implied that there was no direct connection between MRI and DCC.

For clarification purposes (appendix D)

Wendy MacAnthony/Mottley

is currently listed as:

• an Apoderado of MRI Spain SL (aka ‘Mri Overseas Property’.)

• a Director of the DCC group in Luxembourg since November 2008

• a Director of DCC IP in Ireland since November 2008.

Many of MRI’s clients are well aware that Ms MacAnthony/Mottley was behind the set-up Solution OverSeas SL after the AfterSales dept suddenly disappeared from MRI’s website,- having taken hundreds of thousands of euros from clients for services never provided. (myself included)

Her husband, Wayne is co-incidentally the Unico Apoderado of the newcompany, SOS.

Michael Liggan

is currently listed as:

• as an Apoderado of MacAnthony Realty SL in Spain

• a Director of the DCC group in Luxembourg since November 2008

• a Director of DCC IP in Ireland since November 2008.

• resigned as a Director from most of the MRI ‘companies’ in Ireland and the UK in May

2009 when these Directorships were taken over by you (6 months after DCC was


• resigned as an Apoderado of MRI Spain SL (aka MRI Overseas Property) in January 2010

Leading to the obvious conclusion that Mr Liggan and Ms MacAnthony were/are ‘Directors’ of variations of both the MRI and DCC Groups at the same time!

How can companies who have the same Directors be unconnected, Dominic?

Or perhaps your claim that DCC was totally separate of the MRI Group clearly illustrates how you, as the then CEO of MRI can be charged as being directly responsible for deliberately misleading and demonstrably false statements?

It has been hard to keep up with all the transference of directorships and complexities of MRI company set-ups all over the world but I have been determined to inform myself and will continue to do so. What truly reputable company operates in this fashion? What type of CEO runs a company in this manner? The only answer can be… a totally corrupt/dishonest one:

Please find attached an article that appeared in ‘The Phoenix’, in May 2010 (appendix E).

Around a year after handing over the deposits (in 2004), the couple were told in an email

by an MRI representative that the company’s managing Director Dominic Pickering– Darragh MacAnthony’s right-hand man – “had the opportunity to view the current renderings of the project and he stated that everything looks great!”

Hardly truthful Dominic, when the couple later found out that their apartment had never got of the ground! It appears that you were making demonstrably false statements 5 years ago, & long, LONG before the credit crunch gave you a convenient source to accredit blame for MRI’s failings as an ethical company.

I am sure that you are familiar with the findings against MRI by the NFOPP in 2008. “The tribunal were appalled to hear of the Company’s misleading business practices,including unfulfilled promises of guaranteed rental returns and misleading descriptions of the facilities that would be available to owners.

2. I believe that in my purchase of an off-plan property in Bansko , Bulgaria , I was the target of fraudulent misrepresentation by the MRI Group and their

representatives regarding the description of proposed facilities and of the spec at the development, & of the meterage of the apartment and also in relation to the sub standard & damaged furniture that was ‘sold’ to me. I have subsequently found out that I am only one of many MRI clients who have fallen victim to this misleading selling practices by your company.

Unfortunately, there are yet more examples of your demonstrably false statements regarding the solvency and mis-management of various furniture companies around the World. It would seem highly plausible that companies would be experiencing financial difficulties especially as MRI had, in many cases neglected to pass on the monies their representatives had aggressively collected from their clients for furniture.

Please see your statement (below) from the MRI Overseas Property website….

“The latter half of 2008 and the early part of 2009 created a stream of furniture

companies that fell victim to the global recession. Some went out of business through bad luck, others through bad management. However, it left MRI with a huge challenge as we had paid these companies millions of Euros collectively to supply clients with furniture.”

For clarification purposes (appendix B)

Approximately a year ago:

• In Turkey MRI owed ‘ Artev Global Furniture’ 􀀁160,109 this explains why this company began to take their unpaid for furniture out again!

• In Spain MRI owed large sums of money to the furniture suppliers.

• In Bulgaria MRI faced a tax liability of over £800,000.

• In Bulgaria MRI owed money for furniture storage to ‘Designer House Perfect’

• In Cyprus MRI owed large sums of money to the furniture suppliers. ‘Tala’

I could list more examples above to concur that MRI were the company not paying their suppliers even thought they had collected the monies from their clients, let me tell you– every day,- more documentation comes to light that proves you (along with others) have been instrumental in this continued & harrowing deception of your clients and suppliers and also your employees.

I am certain these unethical business tactics & poor business practises were used in order for the MRI Group to earn a substantial commission from the developer concerned- it certainly did so from my developer — so yes Dominic – you certainly have had ‘my monies’:_ in commissions and referral fees from Martinez,-Echevarria, Abogados, SL based in Marbella, Spain via an agreement with Santiago De La Cruz – (a lawyer and

Administrador of Martinez,-Echevarria and formerly an Apoderado of MRI Spain SL) which was subsequently paid by a company called Legal Factory , also based inMarbella, (appendix C).

Please see your accusation (below) taken from an e-mail sent to me in February 2010

“The postings of personal details of people on your site has led to death threats, knee-capping threats and sexual explicit material including pedophilia being sent to peoples homes where children live. It has also brought unsolicited emails and calls to our homes 24 hours a day.

I am now preparing a criminal complaint against you and the others we can identify as owners and operators of this site.”

For clarification purposes

• I am not aware of any of personal details being posted on the MRI-SG website, I am aware of personal information on the forum that is freely accessible to the public simply by doing an online search.

• Despite what you may imagine-I am not the owner nor am I an operator for the MRI-SG ‘website’, I have been informed that MRI issued libel proceedings in July 2009 against Neil Eaton in relation to the‘MRI-SG website and you as CEO of MRI issued proceedings against Neil for ‘misuse of private information’. Mr Eaton has informed me that since the receiving of these proceedings and his response to your solicitors – neither, MRI or yourself have taken the action any further,– or even replied to his solicitors.

If you truly believed that Mr Eaton was responsible for sexually explicit paedophilic material being sent to your home would you not want to be sure that he was held accountable?

If I was receiving ‘death threats’ to my family …..as you and Mr MacAnthony claim, I know that I would not be writing letters/emails threatening legal action unless the posts were removed or asking for a written apology, to people who I believed were responsible – is this the response of a man who sincerely believes his life and that of his family is threatened? No, it is the reaction of a man who is used to making demonstrably false statements and who tries to intimidate and bully genuine misled MRI clients such as myself.

I’m sure you received the following statement (below) by Sergeant Saunders of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary who is better qualified to assess and prepare criminal complaints not you.

“The forum by its nature voices emotional views based on emotional experiences, but is a private, tightly controlled location. The limited time I had to view, limited specificallyby the fact that I have numerous other tasks to perform in my working day, and the limited number of threads I viewed, does not show anything which I believe would lead to a successful prosecution in a UK criminal court.

I have made Mr Dominic Pickering and Mr MacAnthony aware of my findings”.

I also reply to your threat to ‘withdraw my efforts to help you’. I believe that I have clearly evidenced in this reply that you are a businessman that cannot be trusted , can never be trusted and thus- incapable of offering a sincere gesture of assistance. – you would have done this long ago if you were a man of integrity .

As such. you cannot withdraw something that has not been genuinely offered.

4. I believe that my money was ‘taken’ unethically by MRI and your complicit companies and I stand wholeheartedly by this belief.

You have no right to be appalled by my behaviour Dominic. You should be ashamed. Hang your head in shame.Ashamed of your continued involvement in this deliberately orchestrated ‘misrepresentation’ to steal millions of Euros from innocent victims of MRI….. and ,- even more seriously your refusal to accept that you and the directors (past and present) and ex Chairman of MRI are directly responsible for the mismanagement of funds given to your company by its clients in total good faith.

There is no greed in trying to secure a retirement , indeed, some people – myself included used the process, after disaster -to try and get back on the UK property ladder – nothing to do with greed- but sheer necessity.
Stupid ? I have asked myself this a million times,- & of course are we not all in retrospect? but a trusting nature ,& listening to the supposedly large & seemingly professional slick operation does not mean stupidity- I realise now the due diligence I did & others the same …. were nowhere near enough , nowhere near when dealing with such fraud and sickening business deception.
I am not even certain that any due diligence can prepare you for that. But the E.U & cross border laws -I trusted the banner of the E.U et al……………. & IN that I am truly ashamed of myself.

When the time is right, Dominic,-I am positive that it is you will be held accountable for your part in this scam.

On a personal note….. as a family man I am surprised that you have not really considered the repercussions that your unethical business ethics may have on your family – what child grows up to be proud of a con-merchant for a father? One day I am certain people will be able to freely access press articles about your involvement in this. That day is becoming imminenet. This present government will address this :

This is a huge scandal and will show how you actively intimidated and bullied your clients.& those trying to help them.

Lastly, I will leave you with one more of your own quotes from a recent CEO announcement………… one , on which we can actually-agree…

’No challenge is impossible so long as you pursue it with vigor and enthusiasm’

I will continue my campaign to help highlight MRI’s activities and to bring their business practices to the attention of the UK and ROI authorities and to make sure that you and your type of business ethos and other predatory companies like MRI….. are stopped…… from abusing consumer law and the justice systems in the EU, the uk and the rest of the World.

I will not stop fighting for justice and I hope that one day you will end up behind bars where you belong.

I hope that clarifies it enough for you:

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E


3 Responses to “Letter to Dominic Pickering MRI CEO”
  1. Rohini Keites says:

    I have been contacted by the European Advisory Service. I am unclear how they obtained my contact details and they couldn’t really tell me this. They also mentioned ‘nominal administration fees’. Given the amount of money I have lost through the 2 off-plan properties that I purchased in Bansko I am not prepared to part with any more cash and I am extremely wary of them.

    Does anyone know any more about them and whether they are bona fide?



  2. Dave E says:

    EAS is a referral firm. I understand that they try to convince persons that they have a case against MRI and that a lawyer will handle the case on a no win no fee basis. They ask for about 1,200 Euros up front to refer the case on to a lawyer qualified with the Malaga Bar Association.

    Their contracts for this ‘service’ are peculiar and littered with spelling errors. They also include bizarre things like “We will treat your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998” when they claim to be a Spanish company so this piece of BRITISH legislation would not apply.

    None of their contracts are signed by a real person.

    I am very cynical from what I have seen so far and I personally would not trust them. They likely got your details from MRI who sold them with a “might be able to find a few suckers on this list who’ll pay you some money upfront”.

    Everyone should source their own lawyer. In Spain, I would go so far as to say you should never instruct any lawyer except on a personal recommendation.

  3. Great Post, You have put in alot of work on this.


    It appears Dominic Pickering is doing a Re-Branding away from MacAnthony Realty (MRI).

    This appeared on MyFloridaHomesMLS.com – The Realtor Association Website

    Euro Focus Realty
    7505 Sand Lake Road
    Orlando FL 32819
    Phone: 4076201768
    Email: dominicpickering@aol.com

    This happens to be the same address as Macanthony Realty’s new office.

    Makes you say Hum…