MacAnthony Realty International, Inc. – In the Dock?

Darragh MacAnthony’s US Real Estate  Bussiness – MacAnthony Realty International, Inc.  is to be sued by a British couple in the Federal Court in Orlando according to The Phoenix.  Apparently one couple claim to have lost deposits of nearly $100,000 for a development, which never happened and should have been completed before the recession even began.    MacAnthony Realty International, Inc.  will be implicated in for their part in a deal with Sham Marahaj struck as far back as 2004 to buy an apartment  in a condo.  near Disney World, Olando.  Dominic Pickering is further implicated by apparently claiming the apartments were ‘doing Great‘ yet never even got off the ground.  So it would appear that Dominic Pickering and his company’s attitude towards the truth and it’s customers may not be entirely due to the collapse of international property and stock markets…. What do you think?

The full story is reported in the Irish based satire magazine ‘The Phoenix‘ ( in their 4th June issue.

Kevin Burke, is representing two British couples who claim to have lost nearly $100,000 each.  While a number of  Irish Investors have lost up to $10,000,000 involving similar investments.

Are you surprised or does this just confirm your views of MacAnthony’s companies?


2 Responses to “MacAnthony Realty International, Inc. – In the Dock?”
  1. Jimmy of Montrose says:

    They are lucky its not a criminal court. Money does buy you anything. Problem is it is my money they spend on their stupid lawyers.
    I hope the judge sends them to prison.

  2. Tyler says:

    Prison is too good for this bunch of crooks. They took us for over €50,000 in Spain and then blamed us for not completing. We later found that the lawyers and the builder, mortgage company were all in the scam with them.

    So where is our money now?