MacAnthony Realty International (MRI) Offices

Antonio Flores ‘ Blog Reports on MRI Headquarters

According to the Companies House, MRI International has relocated to the Spanish capital, Madrid, presumably with the intention of (dis)accommodating the company’s ever-expanding number of disgruntled clients.

Since Calle Azulinas to us means nothing, we decided to send a member of our firm to talk to their ever-attentive staff members, and find out if they would be willing to assist. However, when we got there, all we found was a decaying block of flats for the Madrid middle-class with no physical trace of the address they now claim to, which is Calle Azulinas 7, Bajo Izda (Ground floor 7).


Macanthony Realty International Headquarters

Antonio Flores' Blog - MacAnthony Realty International Headquarters

MRI Headquarters in the 'glory' days

Antonio Flores' Blog - Macanthony Realty International Headquarters

MRI Headquarters in 2010

Are they on the Run …..

  • What sort of Company register their offices to a non-existent offices.
  • What sort of CEO would lead a campaign of bullying on their clients and staff?
  • What sort of Lawyers would support this behaviour?

If you have had any dealings with MRI and feel you have been the victim of crime you need to join the Misled Realty Investors Support Group at


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