MARTÍNEZ-ECHEVARRÍA Fabrication or Truth?

Do these people never give up trying to extract money from the MRI Victims?

Please be informed that the Martinez-Exhevarria are the same people as Legal Independence the lawyers in Bulgaria who were supposed to represent clients buying through or from MacAnthony Realty International companies.  Yet MRISG have irrefutable evidence that they worked for MRI as part of the whole process yet took money from clients by false representation.  Martinez-Echevarria also appear to be passing themselves off as Martinez-Echevarria Legal Business School , a legal business school with links to the London School of Economics, University of la Rioja, Michael Page Tax & Legal and ADM Management and Business School.  It makes you wounder if these other organisations and the Law Society in Madrid have done their ‘Due Diligence‘ or not.  However, mention of Darragh MacAnthony or MRI on their CV or websites is significantly missing… We wonder why.

The following was sent to an MRISG Forum member.


Martinez Echevarria



Dear Clients,

We are writing to you with the latest update regarding Silver Mountain Resort, constructed by MRI 2.

Previously we informed you of the fact that MRI had not fully completed the complex and had not obtained the final certificate – the Permission for Usage (Protocol 16).

This provoked some of the clients with signed title deeds to raise a claim before the court aimed at rescinding the title deed, suing MRI for refund of the price paid plus compensation for the damages caused.

Now we would like to confirm that the first court decision suing MRI for non-fulfillment of their obligation to fully construct Silver Mountain Resort is a fact. The clients suing MRI were resoluted to received the following payments from MRI:

1)     The full purchase price of the apartment paid by the clients;
2)     the full price of the furniture paid to MRI by the clients;
3)     the full membership payment for “Lifetime AfterSales”
4)     the guaranteed rental income due for 1 year under the Contract for rent of the apartment;
5)     the  penalty of 0,01% of the purchase price  per day for each day of delay in obtaining Protocol 16;
6)     all closing costs, paid by the clients for signing the title deed- stamp duty, land register agency fee and notary fee;
7)     legal fees and court tax deposited by the clients to sue MRI;

This is the first instance court decision which in principal is subjected to appeal. However, considering the grounding of the first instance court, there are no doubts that the second instance would confirm this decision.

In the meantime, there are no actions whatsoever on part of MRI Construction aimed at completing SM Resort. On the contrary, the apartments that were left unsold were mortgaged  in favor of another bank.

We strongly recommend you, having the recent Court decision in favor of the clients, and following our previous advice, to sue MRI for full refund. Having already the first decision in favor of the clients we believe that this is the most appropriate way of action, and the only way to recover all funds paid plus compensations.

We need to move fast and interdict assets of MRI2 as soon as possible at the same time we are starting the Court action. 
We are ready within the next 24 hours to answer whatever questions you may have.

Being your legal advisor at the signing of the deed, we hope that providing you the latest news and options available now is useful to you.

Should you have questions or decide to start legal actions, please, do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

Kind Regards,

Tsvetelina Marinova
Moskovska, 17, 3rd floor. 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Tel. +359. 24 019 510. Fax. +359. 24 019 511

Legal Opinion in Spain is that this is just Martinez-Enchevarria trying to, retrospectively, manufacture evidence that they have always working for the interests of their MRI clients.  Please note that the recipient of this letter has never been a client of Martinez-Enchevarria but was of Legal Independance…. Clear evidence they are one of the same company and are using the same client database.  Also note that this client clearly told Legal Independence he no longer wanted them acting for him due to finding out that Legal independence was part of the wider MacAnthony Scam.

Further there is no mention of which lawyers in Bulgaria have achieved this court action.  If it had indeed been Ms Marinova she would, presumably, have been very keen to inform potential clients of her achievements.

What this letter fails to note is that they know very well that MRIC have had their assets taken over by a Bank and MRI’s lawyers in Bulgaria, GUGUSHEV & PARTNERS, are now apparently administering disposal on behalf of the banks. If this is the case where would the Bulgarian court order the seizure of assets from even if they were to get people to appoint them to fight a case and win?

This looks like a desperate attempt to simply manufacture evidence, in hind sight, to defend themselves in a Class Criminal action to be brought by the MRISG members.

What do you think the motivation is?  Read it again and make your comments below.
If Martinez Enchevarria staff have any comment please make that below as e-mails attempting to rebut or challenge anything published on this website will be ignored.  The correct process is to post your rebuttal or corrections below.


2 Responses to “MARTÍNEZ-ECHEVARRÍA Fabrication or Truth?”
  1. Michele says:

    I am thinking that Martinez Echevarria are possibly trying to portray that they were only ever acting in the intrests of their clients, and are attempting to jump on the bandwagon of a first court ruling.
    It just goes to show how cut throat business dealings can be.
    There is much debate on who said the following first of all, so I won’t quote anyone but this springs to mind-
    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  2. Paul says:

    If only they had shown such diligence when handling the conveyancing.