MRI Companies

A list of MRI Companies will be added to this area so you know who is who and who is still trading.

You may comment on the individual companies about when you had dealings with them or who you know worked representing these companies.

Care is taken to ensure that information in this area is accurate at the time of publishing and taken from the various company registration registrars and Open Source resources where available.  If accurate information is not available at the time of publishing best evidence will be used.  Please comment if you find any information incorrect.

It intended to build a dossier of all companies having traded or registered under the MacAnthony empire.  This will include associated companies not registered directly to MacAnthony but to their directors or families and to hidden companies where monies are passed.  This will give a fairer and clearer picture of how big the MacAnthony Scam was and where it is now heading.

As you view these companies you will become aware of an apparentl lack of responsibility demonstrated by the directors to ensure accounts are published in a timely manner.


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