Mri Construction Ireland Limited

This is, apparently, the Irish Registred Construction Company.

Garadice House
3-4 Fairview
Dublin , 3
(Registered Address)
Employees: NA
Company Type: Private Subsidiary
Incorporation Date: 25-Apr-2006
Auditor: O’Brien Curran O’Mahony
Financials in:
Fiscal Year End: 31-Dec-2007
Reporting Currency: Euro
Annual Sales: NA
Total Assets: 10,126.3

Key Executives:
Dominic Pickering Secretary   -  Director
Nicola Shaw Secretary  -  Director
Fernando Arespacochaga  -  Director
Michael Liggan  -  Director

Financials: in EUR(mil)
Assets: 13.8
Total Liabilities: 13.6
Working Capital: 0.1
Net Worth: 0.1
Date of Financial Data: 31-Dec-2007

For an apparently healthy responsible company it begs the question, why the accounts are only submitted until December 2007.
Is this the company you made your payments to……?  If so where is your money now?

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