Mri Tv Ltd.

This is one of the MRI companies behind the MRI TV Channel.
Did they make the presentation where John Stapleton 1986-1993 BBC Watchdog presenter?

1st Floor Equity House
128-136 High Street
Edgware, HA8 7TT
United Kingdom
(Trading Address)
Employees: NA
Company Type: Private Independent
Quoted Status: Non-quoted Company
Incorporation Date: 20-Jan-2006
Credit Limit: £0
Credit Rating: In Liquidation
Financials in:
Fiscal Year End: 31-Dec-2007
Reporting Currency: British Pound Sterling
Annual Sales: NA
Total Assets: 325.4

Liquidator Appointed 19-Mar-2009 reported in the London Gazette 01-Apr-2009
Voluntary Winding Up 19-Mar-2009 reported in the  London Gazette 01-Apr-2009
Meeting Of Creditors 19-Mar-2009 reported in the  London Gazette 12-Mar-2009

Dominic Charles Pickering Company Director Director/Board Member

Nicola Victoria Shaw Group Manager Director/Board Member

Financials:  in GBP(mil)

Assets: 0.3

Current Assets: 0.2

Fixed Assets: 0.2

Long Term Debt: 0.0

Issued Capital: 0.0

Working Capital: -0.2

Net Worth: 0.0

Date of Financial Data: 31-Dec-2007

Another company owned by MRI Overseas Property Group S A.  Is this where all the money was passed to?

Were you taken in by their slick advertising and their apparent credibility inferred by their companies?

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