MRI Staff List 2007

The MRISG Needs Your Help.

The MRISG and Antonio Flores, the MRISG Lawyer in Spain, need your help to gather evidence about the workings of MacAnthony Realty International companies and individuals who worked for MacAnthony Realty International and Capital Financial Partners World Wide.   Search the lists below to find people and contact us with whatever information you may have about where you knew them from, what dealings you had with them, dates and any documentary evidence you may have retained.  If you were a victim of these companies but not yet a MRISG member please contact us too.

Those who do appear on the lists please consider contacting the MRISG too.  It is very important to the investigation that  you come forward and provide what evidence you can and make available any documentary evidence from the time you worked at MRI.  There is no suggestion that all persons listed here had any guilty knowledge of the magnitude of the scams run by MacAnthony Realty International or their other companies but some on the list knew a lot of what was going on at the time and could assist to bring those responsible to justice.

Darragh MacAnthony Chairman
Rachel Mont PA to the Chairman
M. J. Liggan Group Chief Executive Officer
Dominic Pickering Chief Operating Officer
Steve Canueto Corporate Director
Kostas Tsitsias Chief Technology Officer
Rolf Christensen Sales Director, Germany, Cyprus, France, Spain, Cape Verde, Morocco
Michael Moodie Training Director & Sales Director Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, UK, Portugal and Italy
Louise Carr Executive PA/Receptionist
Susan Bignal Director of Human Resources & Administration Services
Shaheena Malik Human Resources Manager
Nuria Diez Human Resources Coordinator
Maria Benson Human Resources Officer
Sarah El Madawi Recruitment & Training Manager
Karen Mulholland Recruitment & Training Administrator
Gayle Armitage Group Manager - Planning - Policy
Nicola Shaw Group Operations Manager
Alina Kostova Operations Administrator
Katja Cabello Marín Group Administration Manager
Kelly Moore International Administration Manager
Samantha Brown Facilities Team Leader
Cristiane Frare Sales Administration Supervisor
Rachael Biggs Central Sales Administration Team Leader
Michael Salter Aftersales Director
Meiko Van Brabant PA to Aftersales Director
Michael Costello Aftersales Manager
Dean Masters Aftersales Supervisor
Olivia Mullan International Rentals Manager
Tracey Gilchrist Aftersales Administration Team Leader
Wayne Brennan Contracts Team Leader
Gary Colville Contracts Executive
Lucy Hills Contracts Executive
David Betts Contracts Executive
Rick Parker Development Liaisons Officer
Dawn Bibby Payment Pending Team Leader
Luke Cairns Manager - GREEN Team
Barrie Keeling Global Home Services Executive
Kay Thompson Global Home Services Executive
Donna Abela Global Home Services Executive
Kim McLuckie Global Home Services Executive
Louise Butroid Global Home Services Executive
Simone Deckx Global Home Services Executive
Jonathan May Supervisor - BLUE Team
Adrian Dennis Global Home Services Executive
Dannie Trude Global Home Services Executive
Victor Medeiros Global Home Services Executive
Lynne Carlton Global Home Services Executive
Susan Chambers Global Home Services Executive
Kelly Dennis Global Home Services Executive
Sally Hussey Supervisor - Portugal
Johanna Mooney Team Leader - Spain - Costa Almeria - CDS
Peter Macdonald-Howe Team Leader - Morocco - Turkey
Linda Mullarkey Regional Co ordinator - Bulgaria - Sunny Beach
Samantha Wilkinson Regional Co ordinator - Cape Verde - Germany - Romania
Simon Bennetts Regional Co ordinator - Bulgaria - Bansko
Alastair Calder Regional Co ordinator - France - Costa Blanca
Yvonne Warnes Regional Co ordinator - Costa Blanca - Cyprus
Sally Whiteley Regional Co ordinator - tba
David Miller Regional Co ordinator - Portugal
Emma Kavanagh Regional Co ordinator
Pauline Conroy Regional Co ordinator
Jonathon Adams Client Solutions Manager
Natalie Murphy Client Solutions
Sarah O´Callaghan Finance Director
Jenny Bridgens PA to the Finance Director
Minerva Cristobal Finance Manager
Rafael Gervilla Accountant
Stephen Bridgens Accountant
Adolfo Luque Gonzalez Payroll Supervisor
Fiona Ramsay Payroll
Estefania Cano Ríos Sales Ledger
Jayne Symes IF and Petty Cash Reconciliations Coordinator
Lisa Ward Payment Supervisor
Benjamin Lunet Finance Administrator
Craig Deacon Direct Debits and Intercompany Reconciliations
Eamon Flynn Accounts Payable
Antonio Sanchez-Jauregui Castillo Lawyer
Georgia Boyce Exhibitions Manager
Paul O´Mahony Construction Managing Director
Stuart Clark Group Collections & Developments Director
Virginia Knof Collections Manager
Rebecca Black Collections Officer
Petya Nedelcheva Collections Administration
Nuria Garrido Bartha Collections Administration
Elena Ispasoiu Collections Administration
Thomas McDermott Business Developments Manager
John O´Donoghue Office & Collections Manager MRI Construction
Sergio Bolivar Expósito Developments Manager Portugal
Carl Cashin Developments Manager Spain
Paul Howells Creative Director
Mark Crocker Creative Manager
John Tangen Web Development Supervisor
Amy Williams Publication Coordinator
Ian Wilson Global Statistician
Jeff Deane IT Communications Supervisor
Andre Watson Senior IT Communications Specialist
Edificio Panorama, Carretera de Cádiz 183, 29600 Marbella
Wendy MacAnthony Managing Director OPTV
Maria Hell PR Executive and PA to Wendy MacAnthony, Managing Director OPTV
Kayte Giblin OPTV Coordinator
Gemma Crook New Business Centre Team Leader
Angela Wilson New Business Coordinator
Elaine Parrish New Business Coordinator
James Robinson Chief Marketing Officer
Kyra Hoogeveen Expo Marketing Manager
Nick Robinson Marketing Manager Spain & Portugal
Khes Smedley Marketing Supervisor C Blanca
Karla Dotto TME Spain C Blanca
Karla Teuma TME Spain C Blanca
Matthew Ray TME Spain C Blanca
Harjinder Singh TME Spain C Blanca
Jeremy Jones Marketing Supervisor Almeria
Danielle Trout TME Spain Almeria
Judith Prieto Montero TME Spain Almeria
Benjamin Newman TME Spain Almeria
Marc Kildea Marketing Supervisor CDS
Maria Moreno TME Spain Costa del Sol
James Moore TME Spain Costa del Sol
Francesca Barros Marketing Manager Portugal
Deane Saunders Marketing Supervisor Portugal
David Gilchrist TME Portugal
Sharma Street TME Portugal
Georgia Hicks TME Portugal
Vanesssa Paolillo TME Portugal
Adam Zammit TME Portugal
Krista Cattermole TME Portugal
Julia Rocks TME Portugal
Neil Walker Marketing Supervisor Americas
Leon McAvoy TME USA
Mitchell Gregory TME USA
Paul Barker TME USA
Debbie Robson Marketing Supervisor Cape Verde
Bas Van Vegchel TME Cape Verde
Ben Marks TME Cape Verde
Mark Gregson TME Cape Verde
Chris White Marketing Manager Bulgaria
Ain Molenberghs Marketing Supervisor Bulgaria
Paul Clare TME Bulgaria
Kerry Roberts TME Bulgaria
Justin Barnes TME Bulgaria
Greig Hayes TME Bulgaria
Lee Carter TME Bulgaria
Ashaki Ishe Marketing Supervisor Turkey
Bryony le Gros Seeley TME Turkey
Elisabeth Larsson TME Turkey
Thomas Jennings Marketing Supervisor France
Carolina Johansson TME France
Daniel Merson TME France
Andrew Kirby Marketing Manager Cyprus
Amanda Kenny TME Cyprus
Laura Van Looveren TME Cyprus
Eric Bastwick TME Cyprus
Patrick Zeall TME Cyprus
Andrew Townsend TME Cyprus
Angela Rogers Marketing Supervisor Romania
Tony Lankshear TME Romania
Edward Rawles TME Romania
Toby Turner Senior Marketing Supervisor Germany
Michael McCabe Marketing Supervisor Germany
Vincent Keenan TME Germany
Alan Ryan TME Germany
Lisa Walentek TME Germany
Danny Locking Marketing Manager Italy
Daniel Lawrence Marketing Supervisor Italy
Alissio Percuoco TME Italy
Laura Moreno TME Italy
Chris Riley TME Italy
Stephen McCann TME Italy
Cathy Meza- McDonough Director of Media Marketing
Stephen Byrne Marketing Manager Internet
Peter Ashbridge Marketing Supervisor Internet
Helen Eaton TME Internet
Craig Cook TME Internet
Beata Aksakal TME Internet
Lisa McLuckie TME Internet
Alexis Aparicio TME Internet
Emma Walker TME Internet
David Noddings TME Internet
Dave Wilson TME Internet
John Gill Marketing Manager Media
Simon Tull Marketing Supervisor Media
Bradley Coffman TME Media
Aku Elizabeth Allotey TME - Media
Natalie Dinsmore TME - Media
Kevin Knight TME - Media
Shaun Hayles TME - Media
Stuart Brown TME - Media
Tricia Grier TME - Media
Mary Baird TME - Media
John Tritton Global Group Manager Partners
James Forrester Marketing Manager Partners
David Jenn Marketing Supervisor Partners
Louise Gibbons TME Partners Programme
Brett Sheridan TME Partners Programme
Mark Burke TME Partners Programme
Paula Wakefield TME Partners Programme
Charlotte Smith TME Partners Programme
Sarah Goodwin TME Partners Programme
Angela Kennett TME Partners Programme
David Norman European Agents Co-Ordinator
Lukas Jsckowski TME Partners Programme
Mathew Lund TME Partners Programme
Adam Peter Johnston TME Partners Programme
Charles Waddington TME Partners Programme
Hector Franco Diaz Marketing Manager Investors Club
Daniel Costelloe Referalls Supervisor
Javan Smith TME Partners Programme
Ali Hawa TME Investors & Referrals
Michelle Donnelly TME Investors & Referrals
Zoe Taylor TME Investors & Referrals
Claire Hamilton TME Investors & Referrals
Yvonne Duncan TME Investors & Referrals
Karen Walentek TME Investors & Referrals
Elisa Adelman TME Investors & Referrals
Caroline Roseblade Supervisor Part-Time
Franco Meza-McDonough Telemarketing Training Manager
Mike Deedigan Telemarketing Trainer
Wayne Griffiths Telemarketing Trainer
Claire Cockrill Marketing Administration Manager
Lisa Saunders Marketing Administration Supervisor
Gwen Poppe Marketing Administration Team Leader
Ruth Bailey Media Marketing Administration Supervisor
Rhianna Knight Marketing Administration
Sarah Williams Marketing Administration
Nicole McInally Marketing Administration
Holly Selman Marketing Administration
Samantha Staples Marketing Administration
Andrew Kozman Marketing Administration
Sandy Vergult Referrals Administration
Fiona French Regional Co ordinator CdS, Almeria, CBL, France
Margarete Heigl Regional Co ordinator Germany & The Americas
Janette Smith Regional Co ordinator Cyprus & Morocco
Danielle Hall Regional Co ordinator Cape Verde & Portugal
Inma Aranda Regional Co ordinator Italy & Romania
Michelle Briseño Franco Regional Co ordinator Bulgaria & Turkey
Centro de Negocios, Avenida de España, Sitio de Calahonda, 29649 Mijas Costa
Jeremy Marriott Webster Regional Manager - Costa Del Sol
Karina Wierzch Administration
Joanne Furnell Sales Executive
Salvador Lopez Sales Executive
Geoffrey Diggle Sales Executive
Anne Marie Randall Rentals Supervisor
Hayley Davies Rentals Executive
Nina Turnbull Regional Aftersales Manager
Francisco Javier Amador Aftersales Executive
Nora Jolin Aftersales Executive
Alex Burridge Aftersales Client Coordinator
Redgy J.F. Cornelis Aftersales Client Coordinator
Steve Wheeler Aftersales Client Coordinator
Sandra Makwana Aftersales Executive
Lucy Hill Resales Manager
Jacqueline Hartley Senior Listings Executive
Arturo Carilla Resales Listing Executive
Urb. Benabola Blq. 3,B-2, 29660 Puerto Banus
Brigitte Stone International Resales Manager
Charles Clelland International Resales Coordinator
Debbie Patton International Resales Coordinator
Fabrice Guillerm TME Branch Team
Imperium Luxury Home Collection, Hotel PYR, Planta Baja, local 454
Avenida Rotary Internacional s/n, 29660 Puerto Banus
Geoffrey Donoghue Director
Pamela Goddard Resales Listing Executive
Bill Thiem Lister
Irina Chichmareva Administration
Gran Hotel Playabella, Local 4, Urb. Costalita Parcela A, 29680 Estepona
Samantha Redfern Travel Centre Administration
MRI GUADALMINA / Rentals Office
Urb. Guadalmina Alta Edf. Barclays Bank Local 9-10 29670 San Pedro de Alcantara
Elide Jon Rentals Administration Supervisor
Victoria Kelly Rentals Executive
Claire Matchett Rentals Executive
Denise Mellin Rentals Maintenance
Lucy August Rentals Maintenance
Valerie Osinski Rental Administration
Centro Comercial Puerto Marina, Local 7 CP, 29630 Benalmádena Costa
Martina Bams CdS Branches Team Leader
Tony Vickerstaff TME - Branch Team
Avenida Las Gaviotas, Local 29, Roquetas De Mar 04740, Almería
Sally Miller Aftersales Supervisor
Vicki Cunningham Office Manager
Johanna Daniel Administration
Melisha Stevenson Administration
Urb. Los Zahories II, Local 12, Mojácar Playa, Mojácar 04638, Almería
Sean Weatherburn Regional Manager
Debbie Hackett Aftersales Executive
Helen Gray Aftersales Executive
Emma Taylor Sales Administration
Liz Mead Collections Administrator
Philip Heseltine-Carr Sales Executive
Andrew Peach Sales Executive
Lee Cousins Sales Executive
Darren O’Connor Sales Executive
Los Pinos 1 B. Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, 03710, Calpe, Alicante
Paul Camsey Regional Manager
Belinda Gannon Office Manager
Susana Chesa Administration
Debra Winslow Sales Administration
Anahi Lopez Aftersales Manager
Michael Cenamor Aftersales Executive
Adrian Florescu Rentals Manager
Andrew Jepson Sales Executive
Andrew Cooper Sales Executive
Audrey Sylvere Lister & Resales
Avda. Sandoval n. 4, Santiago de la Ribera, 30720 San Javier, Murcia
Heather Greaves Office Coordinator
Jayne Symes Administration
Michelle Guest Aftersales Executive
Tracy Pearce Administration
Michelle Ward New Developments Manager
Andrew Crookall Sales Executive
Jason Sibley Sales Executive
Paula Dowling Sales Executive
7220 I-Drive Orlando, Fl 32819
Austin MacAnthony President
Mike Ellis Completions & Business Brokerage Division
Jayson De Leon Sales Director US & Carribean
Jackie Meyer Sales Manager
Thalmus Prince Sales Manager
Michael Mattia USA Developments Manager/Sales Manager for Bahamas
Jacqueline Rivera Developments and Collection Supervisor
Frank Knowles Collections Officer
Jessica Hadler Business Intermediary
Jamie Avila PA to Chief Operating Officer
Lisette Mercado Front Office Supervisor
Joanna DeJesus Front Office Administration Team Leader
Beth Board Finance Manager
Melissa Hernandez Sales Administration Supervisor/PA to Sales Director
Jasmine Cruz Facilities Coordinator
Deano McCalla Sales Executive
Edwin Garcia Sales Executive
Patricia (Patty) Manning/White Sales Executive
Richard Brown Sales Executive
Michael Depasquale Sales Executive
Eric Mieles Sales Executive
Samuel Bloodworth Sales Executive
Esther Castro Administration Assistant
May Praphanchith Aftersales Manager
Sueann Moti Aftersales Supervisor
Yordanis Acevedo After Sales Executive
Victor Raphael Aftersales Supervisor
Jennifer Smith After Sales Executive
Gwen Cummings Closing Supervisor
Tracy Lehoux Closing Coordinator
Brett Schulman Agent
MRI FLORIDA 535 Office
14851 S Apopka Vineland Road Orlando, FL 32821
Scott Neve International Marketing Director
Casandra Slusher Marketing Administrator
Chris DeJesus Administration Assistant
Anthony Reyes Sales Support Executive
John Kennington Sales Support Executive
Matthew Bearden TM Executive
MRI Florida, Kissimmee Office2901 Parkway Palms Blvd. Suite A-4, Kissimmee, Fl
Maria Sanchez Resales Supervisor
MRI Bonita Springs3525 Bonita Beach Rd, Windsor Place Suite 112, Bonita Springs, FL
Ronnie Bower Broker & Vice President
Plaza Bavaro, Local # 71, Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Henrik Nielsen Sales Manager
Saskya Carrasco Sales Executive
Yannick Heirman Sales Executive
Yiraimy Soler Office Supervisor
Ann Schokaert Sales Administrator
Francis Andreina Castro Aftersales & Closing Coordinator
Jaime Urbano Developments Manager
Gustavo Gill Sales Manager
Leonardo Oliviera Sales Executive
Wanessa Martins Administrative Assistant
3 Troikata Sq., TRIA City Centre, 2 Serdika Street, 3rd floor, Offices 9 & 10, 8000 Bourgas
Michael Moodie Training Director & Sales Director Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, UK, Portugal and Italy
Nedelina Yaneva Receptionist
Neil MacAulay Sales Manager
Nadia Petkova Office Supervisor & Sales Administrator
Maria Ishkieva Developments & Collections Office Manager
Lyubomir Lyubenov Resales Administrator Co-ordinator
Bianka Barova Finance Supervisor
Antonia Miteva Book-keeper
Daniella Kostova Aftersales Manager
Ivan Dimitrov Aftersales Executive
Svetla Ivanova Aftersales Supervisor
Alexander Ganev Aftersales Driver
Dimitar Dimitrov Transportation
Kiril Peev Transportation
Georgi Simeonov Aftersales Executive
Zdravka Bozhilova New Developments Administration
Dimitrina Yancheva New Developments Liaison Co-ordinator
Sunny Beach Office
Avenue Center, Ground Floor, Cells 3 and 4, Sunny Beach
Iliana Vedrichkova Rentals Supervisor
Andriana Bogoycheva Administration
Vincent Reavis Sales Executive
Paul Holmes Sales Executive
Atanas Stanchev Sales Executive
Bansko Office
25 Nikola Jonkov Vaptzarov Sqr, 2770 Bansko
Adam Felli Sales Manager
Darren Moss Sales Executive
Rodney Campbell Sales Executive
Andrew O´Halloran Sales Executive
Stefana Antonopoulous Sales Executive
Stanford Ellis Sales Executive
Wayne Chapman Sales Executive
Andrew Rocker Sales Executive
Cristian Zarnescu Sales Executive
Priit Rahv Sales Executive
Milena Georgieva Sales Administration Bansko
Tsveta Sharkova Sales Administration
Nikolina Boyadzhiyska Office Manager
George Chuchulyanov Aftersales Executive
Ivelina Taneva Aftersales Executive
Roza Gandzhova Aftersales Executive
Katerina Ivanova Sales Administration
Aleksandar Georgiev Aftersales Driver
Georgi Seizov Aftersales Driver
Ivan Sterev New Developments Administration
Dimitar Markov Transportation
Hristo Bajrakov Transportation
Asen Shishmanov Transportation
Elena Stamova Cleaner
World Trade Center 1 - 1 300 Route des Crêtes - 06560 VALBONNE
Stephane Mazade Sales Director France
Simon West New Development Manager France
Isabelle Jacob Resales Manager France
Bruno Martinez Accountant
Olivia Teyssier Office supervisor
Vanina Versini Sales Executive
Alexandre Ullern Sales Executive
Stevan Miller Sales Executive
Liza Wemmer Sales Executive
Laure Arribert Sales Executive
Cecile Braza Aftersales Manager
Steven Lintott Aftersales Executive
Johanna Vuolasto-Pope Aftersales Executive
Francoise Bui Lister
Ian Josephs Lister
Stéphane Papini Lister
Christelle Desbordes Collections officer / Book keeper
31 Boulevard Sarrail, 34000 Montpellier
Franck Girbeau Regional Manager
Amanda Walker Office supervisor
Caroline Mattia Resales & New Developments Administration
Isabelle Rouault Sales Administrator
Eugénie Savariaud Aftersales Executive
David Breuillon Aftersales Executive
Karl Apenela Sales Executive
Morten Neilsen Sales Executive
Sandrine Zimmer Sales Executive
Georges Aoun Sales Executive
Sylvain Ober Sales Executive
Guillaume Huni Sales Executive
Thomas Denis Sales Executive
Matt Stone Marketing Supervisor Ireland
Christopher Ryan TM & Showroom Executive
Amy Nolan Junior Administration
Gilbert Edlin Database Administrator
Stiofan Grego Office supervisor
Anthony Canning TME & Showroom Executive
Karen Copeland TME & Showroom Executive
Karen Smyth TME & Showroom Executive
Adam Chapman TME & Showroom Executive
Bill Ricardi TME & Showroom Executive

Tracie Orme Regional Director UK / Cyprus
David Kennedy Regional Marketing Manager UK & Ireland
Angela Orchard Deputy Editor Overseas Property TV Magazine
Mark Bernadelli Marketing Supervisor
Elliot De Marco TME
Nima Mahmoudi TME
Ola Owalabi TME
Parmjeet Ghuman TME
Mario Jorge Diakos TME
Ayo Oladuti TME
Ash Balakarishnan TME
Abshir Jama Mohamed TME
Juan Campos TME
BIRMINGHAM (not open yet, staff is in Croydon)
Mark Bernardelli Marketing Supervisor
Elliot De Marco TME
Nima Mahmoudi TME
Corner Griva Digeni & Chlorakas Avenue, 6-7 St Georges Shopping Mall, 8220 Choraka, Pafos
Tracie Orme Regional Director Cyprus / UK
Michael Panayi Developments Manager
Lindsay Cowie Sales Administrator
Lynne Shell Office Supervisor
Dee Askham Administration
Christakis Shattaoulas Sales Manager
Martin Greenwood Sales Executive
Spencer Dunn Sales Executive
John Wake Sales Executive
Mark Winstanley Sales Executive
Harry Christodoulou Sales Executive
Anthony Crassas Sales Executive
Neil Borlase Sales Executive
Paul Baker Sales Executive
Kevin Borlase Sales Executive
Lee Tayor Sales Executive
Justin Hutton Sales Executive
Robert Woodward Sales Executive
Julian Douglas Wilde Walk-in Sales Executive
Debra Harris Aftersales Manager
Zoë Lawrence Aftersales/Rentals Executive
Rachael Tunnacliffe Rentals & Aftersales
Elizabeth Perry Aftersales/Rentals Executive
Sarah Kirton Resales Administraton
78 Pernera Avenue, Protaras, 5296 Paralimni
Costas Stavrou Developments Manager
Nigel Grundy Sales Executive
Effie Paraskeva Sales Executive
Christina Nikiforou Aftersales/Rentals Executive
Elizabeth Evans Aftersales/Rentals Executive
Avda.Vilamoura, Portal de Vilamoura Bloco B1B, 8125-406 Vilamoura, Algarve
Stephen Anderson Regional Manager Algarve & Silver Coast
Sergio Bolivar Expósito Developments Manager
Natalie Ellidge Customer Service Supervisor
Lynn Santos Financial Coordinator
Susana Guerreiro Office Supervisor
Andre de Villiers Rentals Supervisor
Daniel Salvador Aftersales & Rentals Executive
Pavlina Ivanova Aftersales Executive
David Poston Sales Manager, Algarve
Claudia Sousa Sales Administration Assistant
Patricia Batista Sales Administration Assistant
Bruno Gomes Administration Assistant
Zareena Court Sales Executive
Adam Guise-Smith Sales Executive
Joao Bosco Sales Executive
Natalie Daley Sales Executive
Steve Nichols Sales Executive
Simon Hobson Sales Executive
Lidia Sickler Sales Executive
Chaddia Aboutaka Sales Executive
Gary Clark Sales Executive
Lee Callaghan Sales Executive
Peter Twist Sales Executive
Kirsty Wood Sales Executive
Davina Sweeney Sales Executive
David Rowat Sales Manager
Andrew Wilson Sales Executive
Andre Stock Sales Executive
Juan Matias Sales Executive
Alexandre Santos Sales Executive
Filipa Maleças Sales Executive
Colm Wilkinson Sales Executive
Yuksei Caglar Merkezi, No. 31, Bodrum / Mugla. 48400 TURKEY
Oliver Barron Regional Sales Manager
Onur Baskan Sales Executive
Volkan Mahmut Sales Executive
Taymour Polding Sales Executive
Stuart Preece Sales Executive
Julie Chetin Office Supervisor
Ozan Dikmen Aftersales Executive
Natalie Gehrke Aftersales Executive
Aeroporto International Amilcar Cabral, 1, piso, nº 12, Isla do Sal, Cabo Verde.
Barry Clark Regional Manager
Ignacio Mascaro Operations Manager
Maria Ramos Office Coordinator
Tom Peach Sales Executive
Rod Crawford Sales Executive
Lee Kerwood Sales Executive
Local Marsa Smir D 16, RDC Bloc D 3, Port de Plaisance Marina Smir, M´Diq, 93200 Wilaya de Tetouan
Niclas Ashby Regional Manager
Thibaut Verron Developments Manager
Saber Maimouni Aftersales Executive
Salud Cascales Office Manager
Villa 2, Str Herastrau, Bucharest
Julian Cusnir Developments Manager
Jacques Kroes Sales Manager
Timur Craig Sales Executive
Chris Wheatley Sales Executive
Andrea Virsie Sales Administration
Alexandra Varga Aftersales Executive
Emilian Tudor Aftersales Executive
Elena Carp Office Supervisor
Leipziger Platz 9, 10117 Berlin
Ciaran Morrisey Regional Manager
David Collis Developments Manager
Sean Maher Sales Executive
Timothy Bogen Sales Executive
Suemma Newton Sales Executive
Mark Sapsford Sales Executive
Jonathon Dolling Sales Executive
Nicky Petru Sales Executive
Simon Waterton Sales Executive
David Hinchcliffe Sales Executive
George Meza Sales Executive
Duncan Monro Sales Executive
Michael Vincent Sales Executive
Tim Harris Sales Executive
Christian Galiana Acosta Sales Executive
Nick & Fischer Lawyers
Reiner Klingenfuss Notary
Darren Brown Regional Manager
Maurizio Pinto Developments Manager
Birute Bilinskaite Developments Administration
Simon Quinton Sales Manager
Michael Blackburn Sales Executive
Dean Baber Sales Executive
Paul Lycett Sales Executive
Mark Stuart Sales Executive
Stephen Thacker Sales Executive
Roy McDonough Sales Executive
Michael Noddings Sales Executive
Peter Arnold Sales Executive
Craig Hollerin Sales Executive
David Thomson Sales Executive
Diane Kimantas Sales Executive
Robert Sands Sales Executive
Erica Deyn Sales Executive
Claire Blezard Sales Executive
Claire Cockroft Sales Executive
Volcan Mahmet Sales Executive
Steven Williams Sales Executive
Jessica Hyde International Administration Liaison

Ave Servero Ochoa 28, Edf Marina Marbella 29600 HQ
Wayne Mottley Chief Executive Officer
John Ryan Operation Director
Brian Smith Sales Director
Patrick Kavanagh Corporate Director
Gabriela Diaz Global Admin & Finance Manager
Scott Boyce Regional Manager Spain
Ruth Walsh Product Manager
Jane Truman Memberships Manager
Lorraine Peacock Mortgages Manager for UK
Mari Carmen Personal Assistant for Dir & CEO
Javier Verdes Accountant
Natalia Campos Coordinator Spanish Mortgages
Jose Herranz Mortgage Administrator
Karina Ceballo Mortgage Administrator
Isabel Alapont Finance Administrator
Lesley Drake Mortgage Administrator for UK
Adam Church Mortgage Administrator for UK
MRI Media Office (Funny Beach) N-340 Km
Joe Hell Pomares International Marketing Manager
Adam Ryan Telemarketing
Rich Woods Telemarketing
Philip Newcombe Telemarketing
Nicky Smith Telemarketing
Mustapha D’Souli Telemarketing
Eduardo Lanzos Telemarketing
Jodie Kenny Telemarketing
Angela Naylor Telemarketing
Anthony Moore Telemarketing
Marc Taylor Telemarketing
Hot Line #
Christian Brown Regional Manager CBL
Urb. Los Zahories II Local 12 Mójacar Playa 04638 Mójacar ALMERIA
No. 4 Santiago De La Ribera SAN JAVIER
Michael Atiles Financial Advisor
Sqr 3 Tria City Center 3rd floor Serdika Str 2 8000 Bourgas BULGARIA
Gillian Beeby Regional Manager Bulgaria & Romania
Stanimir Delchev Relationship Manager
Iva Dobreva Office Manager
Krasimira Nikolova Finance
Mariyana Petrova Team Leader
Mariyan Mihaylov Team Leader
25 Nikola Vaptzarov Square, Bansko, Bulgaria, 2770
Edward Eadington Financial Advisor
Av. Da Marina Edificio Vila Lusa Bloco 1 Loja 6 8125-410 Vilamoura
Justin Whitelock Financial Advisor
Ronald Steven Financial Advisor
Charlotte Ferrier Financial Advisor
Promenade de Anglais Immeuble Arenice 06200 NICE , FRANCE
Nathalie Vonstein Financial Advisor
1300 Avenue Einstein, Espace Millenaire, Bat 3 Stragegie Concept, 34000 MontpellierFRANCE
Alex Weir Financial Advisor
2430 Sand Lake Road Orlando FL32809 USA
Jay Fizgerald Vise President of Mortgage Operations
Dominic Pikering Managing Director
Darlene Brumbaugh Processing Manager
Yani Rodriguez Office Manager
Kimberly Lofton Administrator Supervisor
Tara Forbes Mortgage Officer
Ericka Roman Processor
Cindy Patino Processor
Amanda Tullos Processing Assistent
Roney Pongnon Mortgage Officer
Candice Lakmichi Office assistant
Remortgage Plus IRELAND
6 Upper Fitzwilliam Street ,  Dublin 2 Ireland
Robert Murphy Manager
Yuksel Caglar Is Merkezi, 32 Bodrum, Mugla
Vic McKeown Financial Advisor
CAPE VERDE Aeroporto International 1st Piso nº 12
Hazel Woodcock Financial Advisor
entre-Sol Residence Sharika, Avenue de FAR
Gordon McVey Financial Advisor
Safia Nadmr Office Manager/Admin
70-72 Calea Floreasca  Etaj 3 Apartment 7 Bucharest Sector 1
Gill Beeby Regional Manager Bulgaria & Romania
Daniela Anghel Mortgage Administrator
HVB Building Office 326
Oleg Schneider Financial Advisor
Plaza Bavaro, Local 68 Bavaro, Higuey, Dominican Republic
Kenneth Thorkildsen Financial Advisor
Alan Kavanagh Financial Advisor

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30 Responses to “MRI Staff List 2007”
  1. Kyle says:

    Please note that the “slander” accusation was posted by somebody else who decided to use the name Kyle - I did not post this. Threatening is not my style - I’ll leave that to MRI, Carter Ruck and the mri-sg site (“Be identified by others and take the risk you may be directly implicated in pending criminal action in Spain. Be aware researchers are already working on this option so you may have already been contacted.” - if that isn’t a threat then I don’t know what is).

    Just like MacAnthony, it seems that this site is prepared to do anything to get what they want, including harming the lives of staff who fell victim. You make me feel as sick as the day I found out what MacAnthony was really up to..

  2. Blog Admin 1 says:

    That explains the wandering IP address around Europe. I have looked at your and Ex-Employees posts again and the original article. I have had to agree with you that the original posting could be seen as threatening and could have been read that all those on the list were responsible for the wrong doing of management.

    I have altered the intro to the list to remove this threatening working and will consult with the MRISG to see about editing the list to remove those from IT and Administrative posts. Although they may still hold evidence the MRISG and their Lawyers are looking for.

  3. jf says:

    Kyle… I think you will find that for some this was not a second home situation , as for many it was a means to get back upon the uk property ladder after disaster or life changing event..-personally this harrowing last few years caused financial ruin and homelessness and illness to me.We are dealing with ruined lives and are trying to do everything possible…but genuine folks have nothing to be concerned about.

  4. Ex Employee says:

    Hi Blog Admin 1,

    Im really pleased to read your latest post response to Kyle because I am sure he, like me and many others I have spoken too, haven’t appreciated being dragged into something that we had no control over.

    If you are now saying that managers were up to their necks in it then leave the managers on there as well, but for everyone else, including all TME’s and not just stopping at I.T and Admin, I truly believe they should be removed as they hold absolutely no relevant information that would possibly help you. It was a very secretive organisation as I am sure you can imagine and I am 99.9% sure there is nothing that any of us could give you to help you with your objectives.

    So for my last post I would seriously urge you to remove the people from the list from Manager level down from the public domain and wish you the best of luck with what you are trying to achieve.


    • Blog Admin 1 says:

      The request to consider the changes to the list is being discussed right now. Feedback so far is that Admin staff and IT should be removed. However, there appears to be some very strong debate over the Telephone Marketing Teams as many MRISG Members believe they were lied to by some of these staff to draw them into MRI’s so the sales teams could do their bit.

    • Blog Admin 1 says:

      The list of staff list has been updated. Your comments are again invited. The MRISG hope this will satisfy criticism of the group and those of former employees. The fact that many people worked for what was claimed to be the largest property agents in Europe and possibly the world is no shame.

      The MRISG apologize if the first impression given was hostile when this article was first published. The objective is to secure more evidence and testimony and documentary evidence from as many people as possible, both former customers and employees.

  5. Michele says:

    A note to Ex Employee-

    If your abbreviation “TME” is referring to Telephone Marketing Employees then let me make one thing clear-
    As far as I am aware the person that contacted me (and who lied to me without a shadow of doubt) is not on this list-
    Her name is Susan Chxxxxxx.

    • jf says:

      there was definite lies and total lack of transparancy by TME’s , not all concerned I’m sure …but certainly in my own case and many others that I know of:

  6. Ex Employee says:


    I fail to see where the list has been updated? There are still administration, I.T, TME’s, basically everyone?

    I must also say that TME’s job was merely to book people on a plane to go on an Inspection Trip. What happened from there was of no responsibility of theirs; that is where their job role ended.

    So I am happy that you have accepted the criticisms of the wording but very disappointed with the lack of editing on the list. I’m bored anyway now; you clearly aren’t going to edit it to the degree that would satisfy the people who did nothing other than fulfil their job role during their time at the company.

    • Blog Admin 1 says:

      Ex Employee,
      You may need to refresh your browser. Press F5. The list has been published now leaving managers, supervisors, directors, executives and the TME people. The MRISG members consider that the TME were the first point of contact and may attract more victims to come forward if the see the names they recognise.

    • Blog Admin 1 says:

      Having read some of the ex-employee statements sent in I can now understand why people are intimidated by this post. The MRISG are now considering opening the doors to ex-employees of MRI to form an action and support group specifically them. It has now become apparent that the working practices and atmosphere within MRI was intimidating and frightening for many staff and even now they are stalked by the former directors and managers threatening them not to come forward.
      It is unbelievable that such a situation can continue so lawyers in Spain are being consulted about what action can be taken to restrain the protagonists.
      Ex-Employee if you or any other ex-MRI staff are intimidated and live in fear of reprisals, don’t be, there are things in motion now to protect identities and protect you so this whole thing can be stopped.
      If you are one of those ex-directors or managers who behaved or are still behaving badly, think very hard because a number of ex-staff have already come forward with your names, dates, documents and e-mails to support their claims. Some have even received threats as recently as the past week.

      Bear with us we are working for all victims of MRI and not just the investors.

  7. P says:

    I was a TME and did not lie to my clients, I conducted myself as an ethical advisor at MRI (as i did before and after my employment), - my responsability was to book inspection trips for investors(not lifestyle-buyers) and made it clear internally that i was not willing to book clients on trips to certain locations that the company was pushing (bulgaria, italy) !

    my clients we fully informed of the pros and cons and were usually veterin investors, fully aware of the risk involved in property investment as with other markets - please note, while this blog dicusses furniture packs, i was booking inspect trips for a region which did not involve these packs (Berlin).

    I now find my name associated with this list which is indexed by google, I would like to discuss directly with the webmaster, kindly provide your contact details.

  8. p.h .almeria says:

    At last an oppotunity for the real truth to come out regarding MRI , little disturbed to see lists of all ex staff , and also blogs describing telemarketers and staff as in colusion to rip off clients , anyone who knows anything about the internal workings of macanthony would have an idea of the pressures placed on any member of staff working for the company.I as a sales exec from almeria who worked with the company for 18 months know full well the pressures that were placed on staff to perform and get results ….I also like to think i was the reason that macanthony folded , If any one wants to contact me , i have all documents relating to my time with macanthony , as well as mobile phones containing texts from regional managers , and all training folders and client details , plus my email to darragh threatening to expose the company ,this was sent the same night that i was released from the company , the day before i was supposed to be paid 45,000 euros …which obviously was never paid , although later i learnt a factura had been submitted to the spanish tax authoroties stating it had ….i am more than willing to hand over all documents that i have if it will help with any action to be taken .
    As i am stilled owed 145,000 euros by mri ..i have 145,000 reasons why i want to see justice done for all the ex staff and clients who were used as pawns in the macanthony pot of gold building exercise .