MRISG Forum Secutiry

Open Personal Message sent to all MRISG Members.


MRISG Forum Members,
The MRISG Members Only Forum has recently been upgraded and had a firewall added. The new look is cosmetic and all messages and previous functionality remains.
However, members trying to connect to the forum through a Proxy will encounter difficulties.  This has been necessary because you will be aware there have been many attempts to hack the forum by person/s unnamed, so in an attempt to capture the true IP address of those using the Members Only Forum Admin have installed this extra level of security. Most genuine members will not notice any change but those using Proxy Servers will notice a slowing down of use or for serious breaches of protocol a 403 Error will be displayed informing them they have no permission on the forum. Since installing there have been 4 users identified as using Proxy IP addresses and their true IP is logged with the Admin. Those users have been added to a Suspect List and their activity closely monitored.
If you are blocked because you use a corporate network to connect contact MRISG by e-mail - Contact Form for advice on how to remove the problem.

The MRISG Forum Admin work tirelessly to keep your forum safe for genuine users and hope that this upgrade and extra level of security will continue to allow genuine forum members to continue their campaign for justice, un-hindered or harassed by others. Remember that conversation on the forum is private so can not be stifled by fear of being spied on or sited in a court of law. Especially, at this crucial time when certain people are attempting anything to frustrate and prevent this group functioning and trying to disrupt legal action against MacAnthony and his Directors and associates in Spain.

All members and specificity those who are not genuine members are advised to read the Terms and Conditions again and seriously consider if you can afford to be caught out identified and prosecuted for a blatant breach of those very plain Terms and Conditions, copyright breaches and/or Computer Hacking.

Blog Admin have also asked members to also look at all the recent work conducted there for your benefit - They also ask for any members who have experience in writing media articles suitable for the blog to submit prepared material directly to the MRISG - Contact Page. This will be reviewed and may be published.

All the Web, Blog and Forum Administrators have worked hard for two and a half years to keep your specific plight high on the web and succeeded despite attempts by others, so make the best of the facilities provided free of charge to you the victim and do not let Darragh MacAnthony or his associates get to you because now in the closing stages of his fame and fortune they will try anything to silence you and keep you from seeking justice. Keep Fighting.

The MRISG Members Only Forum Team.

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2 Responses to “MRISG Forum Secutiry”
  1. Ray-Man says:

    It sickens me that the Forum Admin have to put out such a message. The MRISG is a group of victims and all you hackers can do is persecute your own victims and threaten them with Carter-Ruck. You are all sick sick people and need to be locked up. You are like the class bully who keeps bullying until your victims cry.
    You have now pushed us too far and retribution will come your way one way or another…..

  2. Blog Admin 1 says:

    You are correct that it is sickening that MacAnthony and his team appear to believe they are above the law and the Forum Admin had to have such a message sent out. MacAnthony portrays himself on the web as a successfully businessman and a victim all in one and appears to bury the few hundred victims his businesses left behind while he and his directors took the money.
    I am informed the court case in Marbella is simply awaiting a hearing date now…. No mention of this on MacAnthony’s blog or his Soccer website.