One year on and no ‘Happy Birthday’ for the MRI-SG

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24 May 2010

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One year on  and no ‘Happy Birthday’ for the MRI-SG

This week marks  one year since the Misled Realty Investor (MRI) Support Group began the task of bringing  together over 1000 ordinary hard working people who collectively have lost millions of pounds in retirement funds and savings to overseas property company MRI. In limbo, there seems to be little hope  in getting people’s money back because of a gap in the law. There is no  statutory legislation in place to enforce and help protect the public from the type  of predatory business practiced by overseas-located companies like MRI.

People like Jan  Bramwell, who has written hundreds of letters to their MP’s, MEP’s, ECC Centers, the EU, the Office of Fair Trading, the Serious Fraud Office, and the  Police. Most of the regulatory bodies in the UK acknowledge that there is a gap  in the ‘system’ which allows MRI to continue trading and able to take money  from innocent victims knowing that they will not, and cannot, be held to  account. Jan said:

“As well as  taking my money and peace of mind, this company has ‘stolen’ my dream of  retirement and plans for the future. By choosing a large, global and seemingly  professional company I felt relatively secure that everything would be  fine…but, my experience of buying through MRI has caused me financial ruin from  which there is no way back”.

For  those who worked hard to secure their retirement plans, there seems no way of  getting their savings back. Disillusioned with a UK and EU legal system that  does nothing to protect them, they have lost faith in the law. The regulatory  bodies continually pass on this ‘hot potato’ between them via a pointless ‘merry-go-round’,  each one claiming that ‘it is ‘not within their remit’, eventually, people end  up back where they started.

Meanwhile  MRI ‘uses’ the services of UK law firm Carter-*uck to threaten legal action against individuals and the media if they make comments or print articles that are not  favorable to MRI or their ex Chairman, millionaire Darragh MacLies.

365  days of being sent around in circles. A ‘Happy Birthday’? We think not. What  kind of justice is this?


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Notes to Editors
The  MRI-SG is dedicated to:
Lobby  for a change in legislation in the UK, ROI and the EU to make accountable, companies  operating off-shore that use unfair business practices, legally responsible to  recompense consumers.

To  protect consumers who unwittingly become the victim of unfair businesses  practices and give them a voice.

Promoting awareness of  the many problems that customers of MRI are facing,
These include:
Unfair terms and conditions

  • Taking money for services and  products not provided to their clients.
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation at ‘bait and switch’ meetings in the UK and ROI.
  • Double charging VAT payments on Bulgarian furniture packs.
  • Intimidating clients who make valid complaints to the press and authorities


2 Responses to “One year on and no ‘Happy Birthday’ for the MRI-SG”
  1. The Ghost says:

    It was nice to see that the Mirror Blog is still supporting you. It is about time MacAnthony and Pickering were unmasked and exposed for what they really are.
    The POSH fans will be extremely annoyed when they find out that the Massa is not who they thought him to be.

  2. MRI Victim says:

    It is disgusting that the MRISG issues are being blanked by everyone other than the Mail and the Mirror
    Keep up the good work Andrew we may even all come and support you in court when Carter-*uck try and take you there.
    Mind I don’t think there is any danger of that as I suspect that is the last place MacAnthony and Pickering want to go. It would give to much publicity to their activities in Europe and spoil their plans in USA….