Peterborough ET Censor Legitimate Comment….

Followers of this Blog will know that the Peterborough Evening Telegreph have continually been shamed for refusing to publish any news articles or stories which paint Darragh MacAnthony as anything less than a saint.  On March 30th they did publish a story about him refusing to pay rent for his soccer stadium, although not particularly negative it sparked an online debate on their comments section of the website which ran to 3 pages.

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The story began when MacAnthony, apparently, refused to pay £500,000 rent for the soccer stadium owned by Peterborough Council where Peterborough United play.  This outburst was reported when Phil Adlam, the press officer for Posh, tweeted from the meeting: “Darragh has said he is not going to pay anymore rent on the stadium. feels it is too much. conversation ongoing with the council.”  However, the flow of comments rapidly moved to the speculations about why he was making this stand.  Some speculated that he was looking for a way out of the club and could blame the council for their intransigence connected to the stadium.  Others speculated he had run out of money and others commented that he was appearing in court in Spain so was about to ‘do a runner….’  Interestingly many of the comments were complaining their comments had already been removed.

However, by April 2nd all the comments had all been removed from their website and no further comments were allowed.  It looks like a retrospective restriction on the Freedom of speech?  A favoured tactic of MacAnthony: kill any negative comment by threatening everybody with legal action and putting out his own bias press releases.  Why did Peterborough Evening Times remove the comments?
Could this be just another reason MacAnthony is not worthy of being a Soccer Chairman?
Censorship of the press, by whatever means, is a direct breach of the freedom of expression and speech, it makes people wonder who owns their papers and who owns the news… Does MacAnthony own this paper or has he some unhealthy hold over them?   It also appears that  their editor has no stomach for real stories or the truth and probably has no real reason to be an editor in the media format: could it now be time to retire and tend his garden.  Or has he just been bought?

An eagle eyed MRISG member noticed this:

MacAnthony later Tweeted: Darragh MacAnthony ‏@DMAC102
I have lot of time for Swanny but Im not happy with his employers for that crap in paper today & way it was put across etc.Bang out of order“.

If only the paper would publish the whole truth about this man and his supposed support of their soccer club…..  The supporters would be chanting in the streets for him to resign as Chairman.

Maybe MacAnthony will try and have this blog shut down too, for telling the truth….  Oh he has been trying for 3 years and failed…

Update: April 3rd 2012,

Posh Soccer Team’s website now caries a non-article about the AGM:


AGM - For The Avoidance Of Doubt

Posted on: Tue 03 Apr 2022


Were questions asked at the AGM by shareholders in regard to the dilapidated condition of areas of the London Road Stadium ? YES.

Were questions asked at the AGM by shareholders in regard to the rent paid to our landlord ? YES.

Did the Chairman attempt to answer questions posed by shareholders about poor conditions, the rent and the future in a truthful, considered and open manner ? YES.

Do Peterborough United Football Club think £500,000 per annum is a fair and reasonable rent for a building in the condition that London Road Stadium currently is ? NO.

Are talks currently being untaken with the City Council in regard to redevelopment and rent ? YES.

Does the football club have a respectful and strong partnership with the City Council ? YES.

Do the additional costs of constant repairs and rates elevate the stadium cost to circa £1,000,000 ? YES.

Is the Chairman concerned at the prospect of playing Championship football in a 3 sided ground with one stand shut due to regulations ? YES. 

Did the Chairman quote many instances of Council owned Football Clubs with rents at new and developed stadia that were much cheaper than that of London Road ? YES.

Is the Chairman frustrated because he is providing Championship football in a building not reflecting that status and does not consider the rent appropriate ? YES.

Is City Councillor Mr Michael Fletcher (an Independent, non-cabinet member for Bretton South Ward) quoted in the local newspaper in regard to the Chairman as saying, “tell him to go” ? YES.

Is the Chairman extremely disappointed to read a comment like that from a local councillor who is obviously not looking at the bigger picture and what the football club does for the community not just financially for the local economy, but in regard to employment, education, and through its community and youth trust initiatives ? YES.

If this man reflects the general feeling of the people of Peterborough, would the Chairman consider moving/leaving/selling ? YES.

Does the Chairman want to take this course of action ? NO. 

Is the Chairman disillusioned with the style of reporting and personnel attack on his attempt to give the city a community football club that can rival the best in the country ? YES. 

And in closing,

Is the Chairman fiercely proud of the achievements of the football club, the City Council and the supporters and residents of Peterborough ? MOST DEFINETLY YES.”

Any one who can clear this up please post comments below.

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