Reply to Andrew Penman by DimDom Pickering

Here’s the response from Pickering to MRISG Unhappy Birthday MRISG Press Release.

[Addressed to Andrew Penman] As you have previously used my responses out of context to support your story, please use these comments, in full and without interruption.

1.The so-called MRISG does not have a 1000 active members. It has about 10. That represents less than 0.000334% of the clients MRI has dealt with over the years. Hardly a ground-swell of support.

2.Jan Bramwell, along with Pamella East are founding members of the MRISG and also a company called BPAG, which conveniently charges consultation fees (120 euros per hour for a phone call!!!) to people who have issues with an overseas property. (See here for evidence: ).
ey profit from making situations appear to be bad, hence they set up the MRISG to support this endeavor. Many other MRISG members have similar competitive ventures.

3.The reason that the Regulatory Bodies that are refered to in their press release have not taken any action against MRI is because these bodies have concluded there is no case to answer by MRI as no wrong-doing has taken place.

4.Darragh has no involvement in the company as has been adequately covered in the media for quite some considerable time.

To reiterate, if you choose to write another story, please print these comments in full, in context, and without interruption.

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2 Responses to “Reply to Andrew Penman by DimDom Pickering”
  1. MRIVictim says:

    Pickering your maths is as good as your customer support.

    Mind why should the MRISG be surprised when your company has demonstrated a similar lack of mathematical and customer care ability.

    Hense the Carter-Ruck threats without dealing with the issues and your company accounts being published late for most of your and MacAnthony’s companies then others closing without trading!

    You said “The so-called MRISG does not have a 1000 active members. It has about 10.”
    There were no less than 60 of those 10 active members on the forum the very day Andrew Penman published the blog containing your stupid comments.

    Grow up and face the music – all you are doing is living upto your forum nick name DimDom Puckering..

  2. Michele says:

    I think that this blog is absolutely brilliant!
    It gives MRI a real chance of showing their true committment to all of us that feel we have an issue with them in any shape or form.
    So this is a question to MRI-
    What are your thoughts? Do you think that because of this blog you have a real opportunity to put things right for all of the mri-sg members that are worried about their investments?
    May I suggest that if you seriously want to clear any mis-understandings up, that you post an email address on this blog, (maybe it could be, or something like that, just an initial point of contact, that could address all of our issues and put our minds at rest regarding our investments’.
    Thanks for listening, and I will await your reply with great anticipation.