MRISG Members are Liars or Not?


Since May, 2009 the MRISG members and organisers have been intimidated, abused, spied upon, libeled and received legal threats from MacAnthony Realty International Directors and lawyers, Carter-Ruck. Although the Mirror Blog, Financial Mail, Olive Press, The Phoenix, The Times, Diarmaid Condon and Guardian/Observer have taken up the story, no one has yet done a full and in-depth investigation of MacAnthony’s collapsed empire.  Could it be that when they do report on MacAnthony’s past property empire, they automatically receive legal threats for libel from MacAnthony’s pet Lawyers, despite the lawyers being fully aware of the truth.  It is worth knowing that not one of his spurious complaints has ever going to court or gone further than those initial empty threats. This situation has perpetuated because of the stupidity of UK Libel law and greed where corrupt commercial ventures are allowed to use people like Carter-Ruck to intimidate their victims to keep the corruption about their clients from the public and where the rich can buy their own justice: the greedy lawyers are always found face down in the trough.  In the mean time MacAnthony has been free to pushes his own self publicity about his mediocre football team Peterborough United and his questionable charity work and self declaration to being an Entrepreneur and false Philanthropy.

Darragh MacAnthony

The MRISG will soon expose the conspiracy of silence and inaction demonstrated by the UK Media and expose both Carter-Ruck and Darragh MacAnthony for their contempt for justice, truth and greed for money.  Yet you will not see published anywhere cases where MacAnthony has lost court cases in Bulgaria, UK and Spain….  You run a search and you would believe MacAnthony to be a ‘Saint’ but the truth is far more sinister where corruption, money, body guards and his ego are his gods.  The upcoming Court Case against MacAnthony and his Directors in Spain should reveal the depth of only part of the contempt and corporate corruption overseen by MacAnthony until December 2010.  Yet will the UK mainstream media finally do their own investigations and reveal the extent of  that corruption?

There are 1393 members of the Private Members Forum. Of those members over 700 have never posted their reasons for being on the forum so remain locked out of the main members area despite confirming on application to join the forum they are a victim of one or more of the MRI Group or Lawyers. These 700 members are  broken down into three main groups:-

  • those who are too frightened to speak up for fear of being intimidated by MacAnthony,
  • those who are there to support the MRISG, including law enforcement agencies and Lawyers from around the world, and of course
  • MacAnthony spies who have lied and hacked to get sight of the forum content to try and foil any legal action and to close the site down.

Of the 700 members who have been given full access to forum 143 have posted details of the sums of money lost having had dealings with MacAnthony’s treacherous group of companies and lawyers.  The amounts lost are worrying but are believed to be far less than the true total losses inflicted on victims:

From To Votes Min Loss Max Loss
500,000  1,000,000    0 0 0
250,000 499,999 1 250,000 499,999
150,000 249,999 6 900,000 1,499,994
100,000 149,999 8 800,000 1,199,992
50,000 99,999 62 3,100,000 6,199,938
25,000 49,999 62 1,550,000 3,099,938
10,000 24,999 23 230,000 574,977
0 9,999 20 0 199,980

Total Losses
6,830,000 13,274,818

143 People Voted meaning an Average loss of Between € 37,797.20 and € 73,355.64

Worldwide MacAnthony is suspected, by the MRISG, to have exploited tax law, company law, criminal law and civil law to maximize his wealth and victimise ‘customers‘ yet to this date he has refused to address his ‘customer’s‘ complaints but instead has threatened, abused and intimidated them both legally and otherwise.  Yet he continues to defy the truth and claims to be the victim of a smear campaign… by MRISG Members, this website and a Spanish Lawyer Antonio Flores.  If there are so few disgruntled victims why not settle.  The answer is believed to be two fold:-

  1. There are thousands of Victims and not a handful, and
  2. MacAnthony’s very own inflated Ego and self belief.

MacAnthony the only reason this website exists is because you have failed to address your customers’ concerns in the beginning and through greed or utter arrogance or both you chose to attack those customers instead of dealing with the problems turning them into your victims.  Yet not once have you, your directors or lawyers contacted the Webmaster of this site to offer conciliation or commented on this blog to rebut any of the allegations.  Can readers assume you agree with the comment and content.

MacAnthony you can employ as many On-line Reputation Companies and lawyers you like but this forum and website will continue to report on your activities and expose you to the wider public for what you are.  The site is safe from your attacks despite being hacked  by your unscrupulous lawyers, On-line Reputation Companies and less savoury individuals.  You can employ as mane SEO companies as you like but this forum and website remains at the top of search engines and will remain there because real Web Developers and SEO experts have stepped forward and give their superior skills and services free because they feel that people like you should not be allowed to simply buy prominence and intimidate or abuse your victims.

The MRISG welcome your comments.

MacAnthony Realty International Ireland Limited

Insolvency proceedings begun:-

MacAnthony Realty International Ireland Limited

26 September 2021

Meeting details: 2nd Floor, Kandoy House, 2 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3 on 7th October 2011 at 11am
Registered address: 28 Fairview Strand, Fairview, Dublin 3
Last accounts filed: 31/12/2021
CRO number: 386664

It may be Dominic Pickering can answer the questions but doubt this spineless bully will now the truth is all coming out.

I wonder if Peterborough United Football Club have anything to add?  I doubt it as they still believe MacAnthony to be a saint.

Read a little more about this company and ask your own questions?  Here

This issue is being discussed on ThePropertyPin

Members of the MRISG Forum are now demanding to know why UK and European Authorities allowed the scale of the MacAnthony Scams to go unchecked.



Don’t Be An MRI Victim - Fight Back

MRI MACANTHONY REALTY International Copyrighted Logo

Anyone who:

  • Received a letter from Carter-Ruck on behalf of MRI
  • Received threatening calls or e-mails from MRI
  • Paid for furniture and did not receive it or was asked to pay VAT twice
  • Paid for After-Sales and Rental packages from MRI and didn’t receive the services
  • Paid to swop to another development (at meetings organised by MRI)
  • Paid for a credit note signed by Darragh MacAnthony
  • Was told misleading and inaccurate information by MRI and their associate companies about mortgages, developers and rental packages in order for them to sign reservation documents and then commit to a property purchase.
  • Who has been bullied into signing confidentiality agreements in order to get a minimal refund
  • Has lost money to MRI and any of their associate companies
  • Who has been denied cooling-off time or the chance to consult independent advisors
Carter Ruck Gag MRI Victims

Carter Ruck Gag MRI Victims Too

Even if you have completed on your property (despite the distress that these companies have put you through) tell your story - help to make sure that companies like MRI are not allowed to abuse the UK regulations through complex company set-ups in multiple countries.

How many of you assumed that MRI was a legitimate company registered in the UK?

John Stapleton

How many of you assumed that because John Stapleton (a respected UK Consumer journalist) fronted an MRI promotional dvd that MRI would be a honest, ethical company that you could trust?

How many of you were taken in by the professional website and 24/7 TV channel?

Don’t let them get away with it - tell your story - let the whole world know and stop this happening to others.

Write to Adam Elmahdi of the Consumer Groups at the OFT

His e-mail address is

Don’t let lethargy, embarrassment or fear stop you - there is strength in numbers and by joining forces you can succeed.  Join the MRISG Private Members Only Forum to join the Criminal Class Action against Darragh MacAnthony and his network of companies, partners and lawyers.


It is worth knowing that MacAnthony, through his ex-CEO , Dominic Pickering, has tried to keep the voice of his victims hidden from the media using any tactics they could legally use and some not so legal methods.  They have tried to flood the Search Engines with rubbish to push the MRISG website below the first page of all the search engines.  However, the fact you found this site shows they have consistently failed.  See some of the comical but ridiculous efforts MRISG have found  HERE.

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