Don’t Be An MRI Victim – Fight Back

MRI International

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Anyone who:

  • Received a letter from Carter-Ruck on behalf of MRI
  • Received threatening calls or e-mails from MRI
  • Paid for furniture and did not receive it or was asked to pay VAT twice
  • Paid for After-Sales and Rental packages from MRI and didn’t receive the services
  • Paid to swop to another development (at meetings organised by MRI)
  • Paid for a credit note signed by Darragh MacAnthony
  • Was told misleading and inaccurate information by MRI and their associate companies about mortgages, developers and rental packages in order for them to sign reservation documents and then commit to a property purchase.
  • Who has been bullied into signing confidentiality agreements in order to get a minimal refund
  • Has lost money to MRI and any of their associate companies
  • Who has been denied cooling-off time or the chance to consult independent advisors
Carter Ruck Gag MRI Victims

Carter Ruck Gag MRI Victims Too

Even if you have completed on your property (despite the distress that these companies have put you through) tell your story – help to make sure that companies like MRI are not allowed to abuse the UK regulations through complex company set-ups in multiple countries.

How many of you assumed that MRI was a legitimate company registered in the UK?

John Stapleton

John Stapleton

How many of you assumed that because John Stapleton (a respected UK Consumer journalist) fronted an MRI promotional dvd that MRI would be a honest, ethical company that you could trust?

How many of you were taken in by the professional website and 24/7 TV channel?

Don’t let them get away with it – tell your story – let the whole world know and stop this happening to others.

Write to Adam Elmahdi of the Consumer Groups at the OFT

His e-mail address is

Don’t let lethargy, embarrassment or fear stop you – there is strength in numbers and by joining forces you can succeed.  Join the MRISG Private Members Only Forum to join the Criminal Class Action against Darragh MacAnthony and his network of companies, partners and lawyers.



It is worth knowing that MacAnthony, through his ex-CEO , Dominic Pickering, has tried to keep the voice of his victims hidden from the media using any tactics they could legally use and some not so legal methods.  They have tried to flood the Search Engines with rubbish to push the MRISG website below the first page of all the search engines.  However, the fact you found this site shows they have consistently failed.  See some of the comical but ridiculous efforts MRISG have found  HERE.