MacAnthony Victims To Give Evidence in Marbella Criminal

Reported in the Olive Press:

51 expats summoned to give evidence in MacAnthony probe in Spain

Darragh MacAnthony

A STAGGERING 51 expats have been summoned to court to give evidence against property millionaire Darragh MacAnthony.

The British and Irish victims will tell a judge at Marbella court how MacAnthony’s company MRI failed to deliver over half a million euros of furniture to them.

Judge Juan Carlos Palma Diaz is investigating whether the Peterborough Chairman should face charges of ‘fraud’.

“The claimants have been ordered to come to Spain as the judge wants to depose them, together,” explained lawyer Antonio Flores, who is representing the claimants.

“It is an exceptional request and a special room to fit them all is going to have to be arranged.

“This is bad news for MacAnthony,” explained the boss of company Lawbird.

“The next step is to see if he wishes to settle.”

The alleged victims – who filed a claim in Madrid in June – accuse MacAnthony, 35, of keeping 600,000 euros which they paid for furniture packages for homes in Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco.

MacAnthony faces legal action alongside his former chief executives Michael Liggan and Dominic Pickering for ‘theft by swindle and misappropriation of funds’.

All three have consistently denied any wrongdoing.

The hearing is set to take place in January 2012.

Original Story on the Olive Press.

Darragh MacAnthony - Free iPads?


Since May 2009 Darragh MacAnthony and his Co-Conspirators have tried using Carter-Ruck Solicitors and other very dubious means: Hacking, Spying, Industrial Espionage, Threats and Intimidation, false promises etc.. to have this website removed  to prevent the truth about his and his companies activities and hundreds of angry customers being seen by the world and his fans.

Darragh MacAnthony

Darragh MacAnthony

Evidently You Have Failed

MacAnthony and his, apparently no longer, CEO Dominic Pickering, have also tried to have history re-written to, presumably, cover their tracks and past activities.  From the well documented Timeshare Scams of Club La Costa where Darragh cut his teeth and was, apparently, very successful:  Happy days Darragh but apparently too embarrassing or compromising to mention in your personal blogs and bogus press releases we fear.  To his claimes of handing over his ‘€150,000,000 international Real Estate company with 25,000 satisfied customers‘, MacAnthony Realty International, to an 80 year old man in Peru and moving the Head Office to a condo in Madrid. To failing to file any company accounts since 2008 for most of his companies and even 2006 for his Luxembourg holding company. To now offering free iPads to school children, investors funds, money for school books, free sports days and scolarships.  Is their no shame in these men and their belief they are right and proper business men, astute investor, entrepreneur, business magnates and philanthropists. Hundreds of MRI victims in the Private MRISG Members Only Forum must all be liars, cheat and even mad then?

Read some of the drivel MacAnthony, known on the forum as MacLies and MacD to his POSH fans writes.


Makes you wonder what the tax man would have to say about all this high finance and slight of hand Darragh?

Dominic Pickering

Despite this blog publishing docuemtns about the Pineapple Fields Scam as recent as July 2011 Dominic Pickering also claims to have nothing to do with the MRI companies. Within the Forum even an exchange between Dominic Pickering and his biggest fan, Darragh MacAnthony, discuss the probably illegal folding of his last remaining Spanish company, MRI Construction, which is apparently now owned by this 80 year old Peruvian even though the sole share holder is believed to be Darragh MacAnthony through his Luxembourg company.  You can’t have it both ways Darragh, your Ex, Amanda Hudson, claimed half the company was hers but apparently not it was all yours and was a horrible mistake…..  The Daily Mail paid out to the Sue Ryder Trust over that one. But now you don’t want it. They even try to intimidate their own accountant because he doesn’t give them the advice they want he refuses to give them the written advice on how to fold a company which is not legally insolvent: doing it on plain paper only, presumably so he could never be held to account for the advice given.

Darragh no one wants anything to do with you any more now your scams are about to become international news!

MRISG Forum members do hope that Peterborugh Soccer Club survives the bad publicity to come.

Pineapple Fields & MRI Credit Notes

The MRISG have been able to establish that MacAnthony Realty International have issued ‘Credit Notes‘ to the tune of over 10 million Euros to 117 of their customers they failed to provide properties to despite taking deposits and commission.

You may ask what can these credit notes be used for?

Pineapple Fields Development Ltd

The MRISG have received information that although MRI are no longer trading and Dominic Pickering no longer works for MRI and Darragh MacAnthony no longer runs his own companies, they appear to have found ways to remove more monies from customers they have already scammed.  MRI plans to get customers to utilise these useless ‘Credit Notes’ issued by a company who no longer trades, by offering properties at artificially inflated prices to customers and hide the true value of those properties during the span of the scam.  Although not doing anything illegal it demonstrates the moral depths MRI and their directors will stoop to remove even more money from peoples pockets.

MRISG have received documentation of a contract between MRI, Who no longer trades and Dominic Pickering no longer works for,  and Pineapple Fields Developers Ltd in the Bahamas where one bedroom apartments have been available for sale since 2005 but have not moved for 6 years.  Presumably, to try and offload these dwindling assets, Pineapple Fields dropped the prices from $275,000 a unit in 2006 to, we believe, $184,000 prior to July 2001 but in July 2011 it appears Dominic Pickering representing MacAnthony Realty International signed a contract with Pineapple Fields Development Ltd to advertise the prices at $275,000  on their website until 31st August so MRI could offer ‘Credit Note’ holders an opportunity to buy these unsalable properties at the inflated prices.  This would mean that someone with a ‘Credit Note’ for €60,000 would only have to pay $215,000 wile MRI pocket the €60,000 they have already pocketed from the ‘Credit Note’ and get $31,000 on top  a total of €91,000 from one customer whom they have already ripped off in the past.  And they have 7 of these properties especially selected for their best customers.

Presumably these offers are to be sent out to the most promising of the 117 misled MRI Customers who currently hold these worthless ‘Credit Notes’ from MRI.  Not only have MRI pocketed commission from the original sale which fell through they pocket even more in this slight of hand deal to unsuspecting property investors.

The MRISG hope that Pineapple Fields Development Ltd understand the nature of the vipers they have got into bed with and it doesn’t back fire in their faces when it is revealed more openly what has gone on.

Download the agreement and see for your self - Agreement_between_MRI&PFDL

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